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    The garage doors inside the residence will eventually wear and tear due to constant use.

    When you experience damage in the mechanism, the best way to deal with the damage is by contacting professionals.

    Many repair technicians and specialists have experience and the proper training to handle the damages in the system.

    Make no mistake of attempting to fix the damages yourself, especially for severe damages.

    Any part and material in the mechanism are heavy.

    Falling door panels can destroy or cause consequential damage to your vehicle or any item inside the garage.

    Moreover, if timing happens and somebody is inside the garage, the damage can result in injuries.

    Contact reputable companies like us, GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors, first for a safer inspection and repair.

    We are a team of experienced professionals who have been in the business for a long time.

    We know what to do with every type and severity of damage in any part of the garage doors.

    Contact us immediately for any concerns.

    We offer garage door repair in Atascocita TX.

    Panel repair

    The door panels of the mechanism protect the garage entry from the outside environment.

    As such, the panel is the most exposed part of the mechanism.

    It is also protecting the garage from any persisting weather conditions and changing temperatures.

    You may experience damages to the panel such as dents and wedges; for that, call us!

    Spring repair

    The springs of the mechanism carry the door panels when you open and close the garage.

    The springs are the part of the system that exerts the most force to move hefty door panels.

    No matter what type of spring you have, tension springs or torsion springs, we have the experience to repair the springs.

    We can also help you with a spring replacement if you feel like it’s the right time for brand new springs.

    Opener repair

    When you press the handheld remote to operate the system, the opener is responsible for taking the command.

    As such, when there are opener damages, you may experience some problems with any of the automatic functions of the mechanism.

    The opener connects to many other devices inside the garage, such as the wall switch and the power source.

    If there are problems with any of these parts, we offer our repair services.

    Cable repair and replacement

    The cables are the part of the system that balances both sides of the door panels.

    Heavy door panels require balancing force so that one side doesn’t outweigh the other.

    When a cable is fragile and eventually snaps, it gets dangerous inside the garage.

    Prevent hanging door panels from sliding down forcefully along the tracks by contacting us.

    Track repair

    The tracks contain the rollers attached to each door panel.

    If the tracks are too far away or have big wedges and dents, the door panels may not move as smoothly as before.

    Give us a call for a track adjustment, so you have a garage entry that is properly lined and sealed from big gaps.

    We have tools and the necessary equipment to handle the damages to the tracks.

    Roller repair and replacement

    Door rollers glide the door panels smoothly and efficiently along the tracks.

    When you notice a damaged roller along the tracks, consider replacing or repairing all the other roller units.

    It’s better to invest in brand new rollers as a complete set so that all rollers will last longer.

    We help you take out and set up new rollers per panel inside the tracks.

    Hardware tune-up

    You may not notice the hardware that’s keeping all the parts connected.

    Over time, hardware pieces can loosen and become missing from the mechanism.

    The other mechanical parts are compromised with every missing nut and bolt, hinge, and pulley.

    Allow us to inspect, lubricate and tighten all the hardware inside the garage.

    Set a date for any of our garage door services in town!

    We are GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors, and we offer our garage door repair in Atascocita TX.

    We don’t only offer repair services for garage owners in Atascocita.

    We also offer installations and tune-ups for all types and brands of garage doors.

    Contact our team and inquire about our works or request a service quotation.

    We are available at all times of the day.

    Set a date with our team!

    Since the opener is on top of the garage, it may be a challenge to check the device’s condition regularly.

    Openers are prone to wiring issues and damages to the logic board inside.

    When there are severe damages to the opener, you’ll have a declining efficiency for the operation of the door panels.

    One of the signs of a damaged opener is a remote control or wall switch panel that can’t open the garage.

    Spring Repair

    Springs are prone to breaking over time due to a lack of adjustment and heavy loads of the door panel.

    If you have a broken spring, the door panels may end up moving too slowly along the track.

    Expect a replacement of the unit to keep up with the weight of the door panel.

    If the spring lacks adjustment, then book for a repair for an adjustment and tweaking.

    Cable Repair

    Cables and springs work together to balance and carry the door panels towards the overhead tracks.

    Without cables, the spring may have less balance with the weight of the doors.

    Broken cables and snapping cable lengths are hazardous for anybody inside the garage.

    It’s best to book for a repair and a replacement in such cases where the cables are already fringing and loosening around the cable drum.

    Sensor Repair

    Safety sensors are additional safety measures inside any garage.

    US Laws and Local Regulations require all garage owners to have functioning sensors all the time.

    If you have dysfunctional sensors, the opener won’t be able to trigger the auto reversal system of the garage door.

    Ensure that you check the sensors on the foot of the tracks to know if you need to repair the device.

    Roller Repair

    Rollers glide and slide the door panels along the vertical tracks towards the overhead tracks.

    Without rollers, don’t expect a smooth operation inside the garage.

    The rollers aid the cables and springs for a faster and more efficient door panel movement within the tracks.

    Damaged rollers drag and create noisy door panel operations inside the garage.

    Track Repair

    The tracks contain the rollers of the door panel and guide these panels while traveling up and down the garage entry.

    Tracks tend to move or shift around farther from their original position over time.

    It’s best to adjust the tracks to ensure that the door panels don’t move along with the metal stilts guiding each roller in the entry.

    Book GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors and book for a track repair service.

    Inspection and Tune-up Service

    Preventions are still more preferable to solutions.

    If you don’t want to attend to damages and issues within the garage, it’s best to get a regular inspection from professionals.

    The best technicians can pinpoint minor issues in the garage when necessary.

    Tune-ups also improve and keep the entire mechanism together, so you should schedule a regular tune-up for lubrication, adjustments, and regular cleaning sessions.

    Give our team a call for comprehensive inspection and repair work!

    We are GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors, and we offer our garage door services in town.

    Our team is available to give garage door repair in Atascocita TX.

    Book a job with us to provide solutions for damages or provide prevention to ensure that your garage is safe.

    All you need to do is contact our team for any inquiries, questions, or quotation requests.

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