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    When it comes to a garage door repair in Houston, Call an expert. Our technicians are ready to take your call.

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    Garage Door Repair Pine Valley

    Pine Valley Garage Door Repair Services

    Having a damaged garage door is frustrating because you can’t park your car inside or you can’t get to get out of the garage. What’s more, you don’t know the reason behind it.

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    Even if you have attempted to fix it many times to no avail, then it’s time to stop. After all, you might be causing more damage to it.

    If you’re living in Pine Valley, and you don’t know which overhead door repair company to look for, we suggest GDR Houston Garage Doors for a quick and quality service around the clock.

    We have experienced technicians in all kinds of garage door problems. We also make sure we get the job right.

    Call us now, and we’ll diagnose your garage door woes right away!

    Reliable Garage Door Company in Pine Valley

    Living in Pine Valley is convenient because it has many petroleum and sugar industries, which drive its rising economy. As a result, it allows the residents to have a quality and comfortable life.

    This situation leads to more residential areas in Pine Valley. If there are more residential areas, then more chances that people have garages at their home.

    That is why owning a garage in Pine Valley is necessary because it provides convenience and safety to homeowners.

    If you have a garage door already installed at your home, you must take care of it. Besides, who wants to spend money on repairs and replacement, right?

    But if everything is too late because you haven’t maintained it for a while, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll make your overhead door back to normal as if it’s still brand new.

    With over 12 years servicing the Houston area, we have encountered all kinds of overhead door problems – from damaged cables, jammed doors, and a noisy garage door.

    It doesn’t matter if your garage is residential or commercial type. We will be repairing it right away because we have trained our people from time-to-time. We ensure to provide a top-notch service because we don’t want to fail our customer’s expectations.

    Signs You Need a Garage Door Repair

    Before you head out and call us, make sure to notice these signs so that you can save money, time, and effort along the way. It can be embarrassing if you think your garage door is faulty, when in fact, you only need to replace your remote battery.

    The door won’t open or close.

    After you pressed the control buttons and the garage door didn’t budge, then it’s time to fix it.

    Various factors play when this happens. It can be due to a damaged control panel, which cuts the connection to the door. Or maybe your remote needs replacement.

    Nothing should be blocking the door from closing. If everything fails, call a professional.

    Delay Response Time

    Usually, when you press on the opener to open or close it, it will respond after two seconds.

    It should be moving smoothly and without delay. However, if it has a slow response, there might be something wrong with the door or the opener. Inspect it with a professional to fix the issue right away.

    Door Sections are Sagging

    A balanced overhead door enables smooth movement. If you bring the door halfway, it should stop. It must not continue falling or rising.

    If the opposite happens, the tension spring or the other components might be the culprit.

    Whatever it is, try not to repair it by yourself, especially if you have no prior experience in fixing a garage door.

    The door is noisy

    Typically, a garage door produces a noise when it’s in operation. But when you begin to hear a squeaky noise, the door, spring, or opener might be to blame.

    The door is not aligned with the tracks

    A garage door places itself along the sides of the door when it is close. If the garage door is misaligned from the tracks, it is not in good condition. Hence, a repair is needed.

    If you’re experiencing these issues, call us right away. You can expect a same day repair service from us.

    Team Up With GDR Houston Garage Doors!

    You should not neglect your garage door because it can be pricey when it is too late.

    If you don’t fix it right away, it might need a significant replacement, which can cost you a lot.

    When you experience the signs above, call us because we’ll be there to give you a quality service, which makes you want to return to us again for future tune-ups.

    Even if you call us in the middle of an emergency, we will be there right away. We pride in being an emergency repair service company.

    Don’t waste your time, and team up with us! Expect a fully-functional garage door when you work with us!

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