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    Since Midtown is home to major highways, industries, and residences, the residents use cars as the main transportation. It means that garage doors are frequent in this area.

    Because of this, the people in Midtown know that owning a car means you also need to have a garage.

    It protects your vehicle and other belongings from possible threats. It also provides convenience since it’s easy for you to enter and leave the premises.

    And lastly, it is a worthy investment. It can last for up to 10 to 15 years with proper maintenance and correct usage.

    But it’s also susceptible to wear and tear and damages. If you’re encountering these problems with your garage door, look no further because GDR Houston Garage Doors will be dedicated to fix it quickly and efficiently.

    We have been operating for over 12 years now. Trust our team to do the repairs efficiently whenever and wherever you need. With this, we pride in providing a same day repair service in Midtown.

    We also put your safety and concerns first, so don’t hesitate to call GDR Houston Garage Doors to fix whatever the problems are with your garage door.

    Professional Garage Door Repair Services We Offer

    Once you encounter a faulty garage door at your home, the first that comes to mind is to do the fixing by yourself.

    DIY can be cheaper; however, if you’re not sure how to do the repairs by yourself, along with the lack of tools, this can pose more problems than it should be.

    As a result, it can further damage your overhead door.

    To prevent this, team up with GDR Houston to conduct an overhead door repair. Once you call us, we will identify the underlying problems to provide efficient and quality repair.

    Meanwhile, these are some of the services we offer in Midtown

    1. Track and Rollers Repair and Replacement
      Rollers and Tracks are responsible for a smooth and quiet garage door operation. However, if these components have issues, it can produce a noisy door and track misalignment.
      If you’re experiencing these issues, call us right away because prolonging it can create further damages that may require you to replace the components entirely.
      We usually check if the track and rollers are damaged or need cleaning and lubrication. Rollers are responsible for the track’s performance, so we also do a check-up in this component. Whatever activity to do for your track and rollers, leave it to us, and we’ll diagnose it right away.
    2. Spring Repair and Replacement
      A damaged spring prevents the garage door from lifting and opening. To prevent this, make sure to check if it shows signs of wear and tear. If it does, replace it right away.
      For replacement, it would be best to call GDR Houston because it requires expertise to do the job. We have the right tools and people, and we can work on any type and size of springs.
    3. Opener Repair
      A damaged opener stops the regular operation of a garage door. It can be a result of loose cable, malfunctioning photo-eye and remote control, and so on.
      To fix this, leave the job to us because repairing requires technical knowledge and expertise. Our people are equipped to do the job, so you don’t have to worry.
    4. Cable Replacement
      You can easily spot a damaged cable because it snaps. It happens when the spring is damaged.
      It can be dangerous if your cable is damaged because if there’s a person in the way, he might expose himself to injury.
      The best solution is to team up with GDR Houston as we’ll do the replacement for you.

    When to call for GDR Houston Garage Doors?

    As soon as you have encountered the following issues above – damaged springs, cables, openers, tracks, rollers, and so on, immediately call us, and we’ll be there right away.

    Our process requires you to call us first, and we’ll respond to your overhead door concerns. By communicating through the phone, we identify the root cause of the problem to know who the best person for this type of job is.

    So, stop worrying, and we will come to your door right away.

    Save Your Money, Time, and Effort with Us!

    Stop stressing out and call us immediately for your overhead door repair concerns. We provide high-quality service while making sure our customers are satisfied. Be one of our happy clients!

    Save your money, time, and effort with GDR Houston Garage Doors now!

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