Garage Door Making Noise: How to deal with it

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    Garage Door Making Noise

    Having a garage is great, but when it becomes unnecessarily noisy, it can become quite a nuisance.

    A noisy garage door is never a good thing for anyone.

    It can inconvenience not only you but as well as those around you.

    Imagine how your neighbors would react when you open your garage door in the middle of the night and it just wakes everyone up with the noise? Not good right?

    There are garage doors that are noisier than most by nature but, the noise is tolerable.

    When it becomes out of hand, which is when it turns into a problem.

    Garage door repairs can be quite expensive if you can do the troubleshooting yourself.

    Here are some things you can try to do if this situation happens to you.

    Secure the nuts, screws, and bolts

    Your garage door may be noisy due to some loose hardware.

    Since a garage door is something that moves up and down almost every day, all this movement and vibrations could have ended up loosening the screws holding them tight.

    Check and examine the screws, nuts, and bolts on your garage door, Try to see and confirm if they are tightly held in place.

    If ever you find loose hardware, make sure to tighten them.

    However, do remember that you must not over-tighten them as they could cause other potential issues.

    Do not adjust or remove screws from the springs, bracket, and other components supporting your garage door.

    Doing this can potentially put you at risk and might even end up taking your life.

    Apply Lubrication on your rollers and other moving parts

    Another possible cause for that screeching noise could be your roller.

    When loud screeching noises can be heard from your garage door, it is possible that the roller might be stuck or not working well.

    In order to fix this problem, check on the condition of your rollers.

    Try moving and opening the door to see if there are positions in which the door is harder to move.

    See and check if your rollers are working properly and that the tracks are all aligned.

    If the rollers are no good, make sure to replace them.

    If your roller seems to be working fine, apply lubrication to your rollers.

    Applying lubricant on the moving parts will help the component move smoothly along the contact area allowing for a smoother and quieter operation.

    You can start by applying lubricant on these specific parts:

    • Steel Roller Shaft
    • Hinges
    • Lift Cables
    • Bearings
    • Springs
    • Rollers

    Doing this can potentially solve your noise problem.

    Check the Springs

    It is also possible that the springs may be causing this noise.

    A damaged spring can certainly cause loud noises most especially if your garage door is still functioning.

    This being said, it is possible that the noise may be caused by this.

    To know for sure, check on the condition of your spring.

    Examine the spring’s physical properties and its present condition.

    However, if you found out that it is indeed the spring causing the noise; do not attempt to replace it right away, especially if you have no knowledge about repairs and whatsoever.

    Attempting to replace the spring by yourself can prove to be fatal to the untrained hands.

    If you find yourself in this situation, please do contact a professional repairman to do the work for you.

    Check your Garage Door Openers

    After examination, if the garage door isn’t the problem, then it is entirely possible that the garage door opener is causing the noise.

    To check your garage door, please see the operational manual that comes with it for assistance.

    After doing so, examine your opener’s belt or chain.

    If these components are loose, it is entirely possible that this is what’s causing the noise.

    However, fixing this can be quite tricky so make sure you find yourself a professional to do the job.


    A noisy garage door is surely a problem for anyone.

    Who would want to deal with the discomfort of all that unpleasant noise it gives?

    Hopefully, the suggestions above have helped you with your little noise problem.

    If the noise persists even after everything you’ve done, please get a professional to help you with your garage door needs.

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