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    Garage Door Repair Northside Houston

    Garage Door Repair Northside Houston

    Having a faulty garage door in the Northside of Houston can be frustrating. Besides, the residents and commercial companies of Northside know it’s necessary to have a fully-functional garage door.

    At GDR Houston Garage Doors, we will fix your garage door in no time, whether you have a residential or a commercial garage.

    Call us any time of the day and receive same day repair from us!

    Services we offer in Northside Houston

    We know the inconvenience that comes along with a damaged overhead door. That is why we offer these services so you don’t have to fix the problem by yourself, which can pose more problems and add to your expenses.

    Spring Repair and Replacement

    Do you notice your garage door is only opening or closing halfway? It is most likely because your garage door has a broken spring.

    A broken spring happens when it is frequently used or if it’s not taken care of.

    The most feasible solution is to get it fixed by a professional garage door repairman in the Northside to prevent injuries and accidents if you plan to fix it yourself.

    Track and Roller Repair and Replacement

    There are several issues when your track and roller needs a repair or a replacement.

    If the track is too tight to each other, it doesn’t allow the garage door to move correctly. If it’s loose, the door will suddenly snap down. Meanwhile, it is the same for a roller if it is damaged.

    Whatever the issues you have with your track and rollers, call us to fix your problem. Make sure to diagnose it quickly as it can affect the movement of your overhead door.

    Cable Repair and Replacement

    Damaged cables can also affect the movement of your garage door, just like what a damaged spring can contribute.

    However, it can be challenging to fix it yourself since you’ll be exposing yourself to injury, more so if you rely on an inexperienced technician.

    Make sure to rely on the job to us. A damaged cable needs replacement, and we’re experts in replacing it on any garage door.

    Opener Repair and Replacement

    Once you begin to notice that your door won’t move after you click the remote or the door bounces off when it reaches the floor, then your opener is having issues.

    Various factors lead to a faulty opener, so leave the job to us, and we will identify the root cause of the problem. By doing this, we will determine if it needs a replacement or a simple repair.

    Rely Your Garage Door to GDR Houston Garage Doors

    Aside from the services we offer, these are the following reasons why we’re reliable garage door repairmen in Northside:


    We immediately resort to DIY repair when our garage door is damaged to save on costs.

    But it’s not entirely true because your garage door will face more damage if you’re not repairing correctly.

    If you rely on GDR Houston, you don’t have to incur more costs since we have been doing this for over 12 years, allowing us to encounter different types of garage problems.

    You can also enjoy a warranty for the services that we do – for free.

    Prevents from Accidents and Injuries

    Damaged cables, springs, and other components require professional assistance to bring back the garage door to its glory.

    At GDR Houston, we have a team of people who will diagnose your problems safely and conveniently. With over 12 years repairing overhead doors, we know how to deal with different overhead door problems, including safety measures.

    24 hour repair service

    What’s excellent about choosing GDR Houston Garage Doors is that we are available around the clock because we know a malfunctioning garage door can happen all the time, without showing any symptoms and signs.

    Quality is Guaranteed

    One of the great things when you choose GDR Houston in the Northside is ensuring our work is of high quality. If we don’t, our reputation will tarnish.

    We want to make you smile, so why not choose us to repair your malfunctioning garage door?

    Partner with us!

    GDR Houston is your most trusted and reliable overhead door repairmen in the Northside. If you live in this area and don’t know what to do with your garage door, call us, and we’ll make it fully-functional once again!

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