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    Garage Door Repair Northeast Houston

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    Garage Door Repair Northeast Houston

    You will see many houses and residences when you’re in Northeast Houston. After all, it’s one of the popular neighborhoods in Houston.

    That’s why people know the importance of having a garage because it keeps your vehicle and belongings safe. It is also convenient to have one because of the technology incorporated with the latest garage models.

    However, an overhead door needs regular maintenance to sustain its optimal performance.

    Once you encounter issues on your overhead door, call GDR Houston Garage Doors right away to get it fixed. If you prolong the case, it will create more problems that may require you to replace a whole garage door.

    Emergency Repair Service in Northside Houston

    One of the perks when you avail the services of GDR Houston, is we are open 24/7. It doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday season or in the middle of the night because once you call us, we’ll be at your doorstep, bringing our tools and ready to fix your garage door.

    We offer this kind of service because problems with your garage door can happen at any time. If it’s not diagnosed right away, it can be inconvenient for you since you rely on your garage door to park your vehicle or leave the premises.

    With over 12 years of serving the whole Houston area, we know how to deal with any types of garage door problems. We have a dedicated and professional team that will ensure your garage door is back to normal once again.

    That’s why, once you encounter problems with your door, call us immediately because we’ll go to you quickly and see what might be causing the issues.

    Leave your Garage Door to us!

    We’re knowledgeable and quick in what we do. With over 12 years serving the Houston area, we know how to deal with overhead door problems, including:

    1. Damaged Garage Door Opener
      You can easily spot a malfunctioning garage door opener if your door opens and closes halfway or if it does not move at all.
      You won’t expect to leave or enter your garage door if it is malfunctioning, and you don’t want it to happen, right?
      If you approach a professional overhead door repairman in Northeast Houston, especially if it’s GDR Houston Garage Doors, we can identify the cause of it.
      It can result from wiring issues, loose cable, blocked sensors, or a defective motor. Whatever the problem is, we will fix it because we’re experts in repairing a garage door opener.
    2. Damaged Spring and Cables
      Spring and cable deteriorate due to frequent use and age.
      Once both components are damaged, it will make the door fall, exposing yourself to injury if you happen to be in the way.
      To repair springs and cables, you need a highly experienced technician to do it. With GDR Houston, we know how to deal with damaged cables and springs no matter its type and size. If this is the reason why you’re experiencing a faulty overhead door, we replace the parts immediately.
    3. Damaged Panels
      Panels protect your garage from weather and other external conditions. But if it’s ignored, it can affect the garage door’s performance.
      If you see signs of breaks and cracks, rush to us, and we will replace it for you. We know how to replace a panel according to the size and type of your garage door.
    4. Off-Track Doors
      An off-track door is alarming since it can affect the movement of your overhead door. Once you experience this problem, replace it immediately to prevent more problems from occurring.
      By replacing it, a DIY route is not an option because it requires expertise on track to do it, more so if you rely on an inexperienced technician to save costs.
      Remember that if you reach us, you save costs in the long run because we make sure we do our job very well.
      For an off-track door, we usually conduct an assessment if your rollers or track needs cleaning, minor tune-up, and maintenance, or a replacement.

    We’ll Fix Your Garage Door Right Away!

    With GDR Houston Garage Doors, expect a fully-functional garage door when you hire us. We specialize in residential and commercial garages and expect the same day repair after you call us.

    Witness how we fix your garage door, and be a part of our loyal clients.

    Don’t wait any longer – call our team now, and say goodbye to your malfunctioning garage door!

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