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    Garage Door Repair South Houston

    Looking for Garage Door Repair Technicians in South Houston?

    No matter what you do to fix your garage door, you can’t get it right.

    Be careful because your garage door might be experiencing a significant issue that you cannot fix with your current handyman skills.

    With this, don’t hesitate to call for a professional repairer in South Houston.

    Team up with GDR Houston Garage Doors in South Houston for your garage door repair services. Our personnel and technicians will assist and solve your problems right away.

    Garage Door Repair in South Houston, Texas

    South Houston is a city with wide streets. Because of this, residents use both private and public vehicles as the primary mode of transportation.

    If you own a car and living in South Houston, it’s necessary to have a garage for vehicle and equipment security. It also protects your vehicle from seasonal weather changes, prevents break-ins from outsiders, and offers convenience.

    But it needs regular maintenance and tune-ups from time to time since its performance may degrade as time goes by or due to environmental factors.

    If you already own a garage door and it starts to malfunction, it’s time to look for a professional overhead door repairman in South Houston.

    You can save money, time, and effort in the long run when hiring a professional. With GDR Houston Garage Doors, expect that we make your overhead door fully-functional again!

    Operating for over 12 years, we serve both residential and commercial areas in South Houston while providing quality and satisfying results.

    Call our team and enjoy same day repair service from us!

    DIY vs. Professional

    Having a malfunctioning garage door can be annoying and stressful; that’s why GDR Houston Garage Doors will fix everything for you.

    If you want to fix the garage door by itself, it’s fine as long as it is a minor issue. But it can cause more problems than you think if it’s done wrong.

    Whether your garage door needs a DIY or professional fix, these are some of the areas to look for. Knowing the root cause is vital so that you can also save money in the long run.

    Areas to DIY:

    1. Bolts, nuts, and hinges. If this is causing your garage door to produce clattering noise, tighten the loose parts with a wrench.
    2. Garage door lubrication. If the garage door moving parts is causing friction when you open or close it, it lacks lubrication. Lubricate the rollers or other components for a smooth and almost soundless operation.
    3. Remote Batteries and Sensors. Change the remote batteries if it’s not functioning anymore. If your overhead door doesn’t operate properly, the sensor lens might be the culprit. Clean and align it carefully.

    Areas that need professional assistance:

    1. Damaged Spring. It’s challenging to repair springs by yourself as it can cause injuries to you. Call a PRO for replacement or repair.
    2. Jammed Tracks. Jammed tracks can cause your garage door to malfunction. If it is filled with dirt and grime, then a simple cleaning will do. But if the door keeps on failing, there’s an underlying problem which a DIY cannot fix.
    3. Faulty openers. Malfunctioning openers can cause your garage door not to open or close. Since it is an electric device, make sure to call an expert to fix it.
    4. Cable, rollers, and other relevant parts. If these are damaged, it won’t open or close your garage door as it should be. Fixing these parts is risky, and a technician can only do this.

    Now, you know when to call for a professional. But if you want to avoid self-diagnosing your malfunctioning garage door, a quick call to us will do so that we can fix your garage door right away!

    Quality Services we offer

    With over 12 years of operation, we are experts in solving your garage door problems.

    Besides overhead door repair, we also do replacement, installation, and maintenance, depending on the issues you’re encountering.

    Giving us a call won’t hurt. We’re quick and responsive, and we serve around the clock. So if you need our service in the middle of the night, don’t hesitate to call us and tell us your problems. We can give you a quote for the services we will provide.

    Don’t worry. You’ll be satisfied with our job.

    Get a free quote from us!

    Don’t prolong your agony, especially if your garage door is stressing you out.

    Call us, and we’ll be dispatching our dedicated and skilled technicians at your doorstep. We have a team of experts who are continually doing up-to-date training to ensure that we can provide the best services. We want you to be satisfied!

    What are you waiting for? Tap GDR Houston Garage Doors so that we’ll give you a free quote!

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