How To Increase Garage Door Opener Range

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    How To Increase Garage Door Opener Range

    Having to grapple with a garage door – only moments after arriving from a week-long vacation that doesn’t allow one to admit their car inside (whose roof racks are loaded with luggage) is sure to test whatever is left of anyone’s energy and patience.

    What’s even more dreadful is when these enormous slabs of metal or wood suddenly decide to stop working midway, a maddening affair that is sure to send anyone off looking for the nearest garage door repair company, albeit the chances that services are to be costly.

    While that prospect is supremely tempting, especially on the face of one’s rolling emotions, there are things one could consider first.

    Garage doors, granted their straightforward nature, are complicated machines.

    They may appear otherwise, but behind closed doors (and quite literally) are hordes of other devices that make their movements possible.

    That being the case, when one of these devices stops working, the entirety of the garage door also ceases to operate.

    Should this be the case, the best course of action would be a thorough perusal of one’s garage door.

    Bearing this in mind, this article serves to present several tips on how to increase garage door open range.

    Ensure that there is enough remote distance.

    Garage door openers usually have a range that depends on some of the factors that are each unique to every residence or building.

    The remotes are often created to provide a signal that can be received by the opener’s receiver at a distance of four to five vehicles away from the garage.

    This alludes to the fact that you can open the remote immediately after pulling into the driveway.

    This is part of the safety feature equipped in a garage to prevent the operation of the garage door when the owner is miles away just to be safe.

    Get new batteries for the remote control.

    The age of a remote control battery should be noted by homeowners.

    There are some instances where people oftentimes overlook the inspection of the age of the batteries in the electronic products that they use.

    This includes the remotes of garage door openers.

    If you want to troubleshoot your garage door reception, start by replacing the batteries of the remote control.

    It is a step that is much cheaper and requires less effort on your part.

    For heavy-duty batteries, they can be replaced within three to five years.

    Old batteries have been proven to significantly decrease the signal strength of the garage door opener.

    However, even if the batteries are considerably new, they should still be tested.

    Batteries can lose their charge after a significant amount of time sitting in the warehouse.

    Observe for Interference.

    It is more likely that the garage door opener is losing its range due to the electrical components around the home.

    Some of them include the cable TV, amplifiers, lighting, other battery charges, and more.

    Technology that makes use of a timer such as alarm systems, sprinkler systems, and lights can also add up to the disruption in the signal.

    If the issue on the range occurs only infrequently, it is safe to assume that they may be due to these components that are behind the interference.

    It means that either one of the technologies is being operated during such times.

    The bottom line is, it is best to carefully check for any nearby electrical components that might be doing the interruptions and generate a solution for them.

    Change the frequency of the remote.

    The remote control and the opener are on the same frequency at all times.

    However, there might be some devices that could get in and invade the signal.

    You can ask the manufacturer how to safely change the frequency for this.

    If you are having problems with the range and signal of the garage door opener, we have all the solutions for you.

    We provide a wide array of garage door services for all types of residential and commercial garage doors, especially on how to increase garage door opener range.

    Moreover, we do business with quality and safety as we are licensed and insured.

    Call us now and do business with us! Contact us and let us take care of your garage door.

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