Garage Door Moving Slow

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    Garage Door Moving Slow

    Is your garage door moving too slowly? This could be due to your doors wearing out over time.

    Usually, wear and tear related issues have relatively simple fixes which can be done by the average individual.

    This can also be due to other garage door related concerns and settings.

    It is entirely possible that you have installed an incompatible component or you have set the wrong settings for your opener.

    How long should your garage door normally take to lift itself? And how do you know that it is already slower than it should be?

    Keep reading and find out.

    Garage Door Specifications (Opening and Closing)

    A normal garage door in excellent working condition should be able to open or close in an average time of about 12 to 15 seconds.

    Any span of time longer than this could be abnormal.

    There are exceptions tho most especially if your garage door is very heavy.

    If you find it longer than this, then it might be a good idea to check why your garage door is slowing down.

    Slow Doors: Why does this happen and what can you do about it?

    The most common reason why your door is slowing down is due to lack of lubrication.

    Lubrication is important to keep moving parts operating as smooth as can be.

    There are lots of things you can do to speed up your door but this is one of the first things you should do: Apply Lubrication.

    Not applying proper lubrication on your garage door’s moving parts will cause unintended friction which can definitely slow down your door’s operation.

    Of course it can also be due to other causes such us your spring being damaged, pulleys have worn down, and etc.

    It can also be due to external causes such as the presence of blockages such as dirt and grime on your door.

    At first this will only cause slow operation but will eventually escalate to your garage doors getting stuck if left unattended.

    Slow door movement might also be due to your installed garage door openers.

    Some openers have pre-set speed control settings and you may be able to adjust them further depending on your preferences.

    If you are part of this minority, make sure that the speed settings aren’t the reason for your doors slowing down.

    So what can you do to prevent your garage doors from slowing down?

    Well first things first, apply lubrication to all moving parts.

    Oiling your machines is the best way to take good care of it.

    This will reduce any friction on your door’s surface.

    For machines with moving parts, lubrication can be a great help to helping those parts move with ease and without effort.

    After applying lubrication on your garage door, you can now proceed to checking the physical conditions of your door’s hardware that might have caused the slowing down.

    This includes the door’s springs, pulleys and rollers.

    Confirming your spring can still support your door’s weight properly.

    Also, check if your pulleys have already worn out belts and the like.

    And lastly, check the condition of your rollers, if they are still in good condition and usable.

    The rollers’ repair and replacement can be done by you if you like but replacement of the worn out spring and pulley belts might need more.

    Professional help is recommended for these.

    This is because both parts are contributing to the support of your garage door’s weight.

    Doing the replacement, if done improperly, it can cause accidents as it is possible that the door might fall on you during the whole process.

    When all this is said and done, the last thing you can probably try out is checking your garage door opener’s speed settings if it has one.

    You can do this by checking the manual on how it is done, and if doable, changing it yourself.


    When all is said and done, there is nothing more you can do about it.

    Even after following the tips above, if your door still opens slowly then maybe it is time to call professional help.

    Sometimes, there are some things that can only be identified by years and years of repeated experience.

    What may look good to your eye might look differently from a professional’s eyes.

    If you are looking for a good choice for your garage door repair needs, then GDR Houston Garage Doors could be the right pick for you.

    When looking into this kind of service, we usually look for a reliable company or one that is worth the trust.

    This being said, GDR has been in the garage door emergency repair services for a long time now, almost 12 years and still counting, and they have been providing excellent services to both residential and commercial clients alike.

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