How To Clean Garage Door Sensors

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    How To Clean Garage Door Sensors

    Maintaining a house is not an easy task.

    It requires time, effort, and precision to get the job done.

    There are different areas around the four corners of the home.

    Hence, it can be pretty tough for us homeowners to clean it all by ourselves.

    However, it is one of the magic that we have been able to work out over the years.

    Cleaning the home together with the furniture, equipment, appliances, and other mechanisms that make the home easier and more comfortable to live in is part of the routine.

    Such a cleaning and maintenance routine includes making sure that the garage door is well looked after.

    As a mechanism that requires care and maintenance every once in a while, cleaning the parts that need attention is a must.

    One of such parts is the sensors.

    Garage doors are equipped with safety sensors that allow them to detect objects and persons that might stray below the path of the door when it closes.

    It reverses back upwards when it detects something to avoid any accidents from taking place.

    It might be vulnerable to dirt and dust.

    Therefore, a thorough cleaning may be warranted every once in a while.

    With that in mind, here are some notes on how to clean garage door sensors.

    Do not use harsh chemicals

    When cleaning something, we often resort to cleaning materials that will ensure us a spotless and flawless surface.

    This means getting chemicals that might be a little harsh on the surface itself.

    However, this instinct as homeowners is not misplaced.

    There are instances at times where the dirt and grime can be a little stubborn and cannot be solved by simple water and dish soap mixture.

    That is why, for good measure, we resort to harsher means.

    This includes making use of harsh chemicals to ensure that no dirt escapes the wrath of cleaning day.

    However, when it comes to the sensors, they can be a little sensitive.

    One small drop of a wrong cleaning solution or mixture might damage it, causing it to blur or malfunction in its role.

    As such, it is best to avoid some harsh chemicals when cleaning the sensors.

    Do not use paper towels

    While paper towels can be soft, they may not work for most surfaces.

    There are extremely fragile and sensitive items that may need extreme caution when poked at.

    It is not easy to move around such surfaces.

    Hence, exercising safety and caution so as not to damage these objects is warranted.

    For the sensors of the garage door, it is recommended that you do not use paper towels.

    This is due to the reason that the lenses that are equipped in these sensors are far more delicate than normal ones.

    Hence, they can easily be scratched when not handled properly with the right cleaning materials.

    When the lens is scratched, the entire sensor will be deemed unusable, then it will need to be replaced.

    This will cost you more than the effort of cleaning.

    Use Microfiber Cloth

    When cleaning the sensors, as mentioned above, caution and care should be taken seriously.

    This means that no harsh cleaning material or liquid of any kind should be used in order to ensure that dirt is taken out of the lenses.

    As the lenses require delicate cleaning, you have to look for a material that will preserve its delicate nature and surface.

    As such, it is recommended that we use a microfiber cloth.

    This type of cloth is usually used to wipe the surface of a pair of glasses or a television screen.

    This cloth can be used to clean the lenses without the need to spray any cleaning liquid.

    Moreover, if you notice that the lens is still dirty, you can proceed to moisten the cloth a little bit with water.

    If you are not sure as to how to clean garage door sensors, it is better that you call a professional who does.

    With that in mind, you can leave your garage door to us!

    We specialize in various types of garage door problems and provide the best solutions for such.

    We guarantee good results, so do not hesitate to reach out! Call us now for the well-being of your door!

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