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    Garage Door Opener Repair Fresno

    Are you looking for a commercial garage door repair or a garage door spring replacement?

    Whether you are looking for a garage door opener repair Fresno offers or garage door repair in Houston, Gdr Tech Houston Garage Doors has you covered.

    We cater to customers from all over Houston, Texas, as well as those looking for a garage door opener repair Fresno provides; contact us now!

    Our service professionals are trained and equipped with the knowledge and tools to repair all kinds of garage door openers, including but not limited to:

    • Direct Drive Garage Door Openers
    • Chain Drive Garage Door Openers
    • Jack-Shaft Garage Door Openers
    • Belt Drive Garage Door Openers
    • Screw Drive Garage Door Openers

    If you are looking to diagnose and repair your garage door opener by yourself, here is a list of the most common problems and how to fix them.

    Transmitter Batteries Are Dead

    It may sound obvious, but most people forget to check if the batteries of their garage door opener transmitters are working.

    Dead batteries will prevent transmitters from sending signals to each other, thus, preventing the normal operation of your garage door.

    Make sure to keep tabs on your transmitter batteries and replace them every couple of months or depending on their capacity and usage.

    The Photo Eye Is Misaligned

    Every garage installed since 1993 is equipped with a photo eye on both sides of the garage door.

    These transmit an invisible beam of light between each other that detects if there are any obstructions along the path of the garage door.

    This safety feature prevents garage doors from closing on top of someone or something, reducing risks of injury or damage.

    If the garage door opens normally but fails to close when the remote is pressed, you will have to visually inspect the photo eyes.

    Normal usage will eventually cause dirt or grime to build-up on these parts, blocking the beam from reaching the other photo-eye.

    Aside from this, the photo eyes may occasionally become misaligned due to external factors such as the weather.

    In these cases, use a clean or slightly damp microfiber cloth to clean the eyes.

    Make sure to avoid scratching them when cleaning, as this may lead to a full replacement of the parts.

    After doing so, adjust the photo eyes so that they are pointing in the same direction and angle.

    The slightest misalignment will cause the photo eyes to malfunction.

    Once both photo eyes are cleaned and aligned, your garage door opener should operate as intended.

    Misaligned Garage Door Tracks

    Much like the photo eyes, the garage door tracks may also become misaligned over time.

    This occurs less often but is considered more dangerous than misaligned photo eyes.

    Inspect your garage door tracks; if you see gaps between the rails and rollers or bends on the rails themselves, there is a problem.

    The garage door’s weight can compound these issues and eventually make it too dangerous to be operated.

    To realign the tracks, loosen the screws that hold them onto the frame.

    After doing so, slightly tap the track with a mallet to straighten it into the proper position.

    Once the realignment is done, tighten the screws to secure the track in place.

    Check if the garage door opens and normally closes; if it still refuses to, you may need to call a professional to repair or replace the tracks.

    The Garage Door Torsion Springs Are Broken

    You might run into a problem wherein the garage door will suddenly refuse to open up despite a working transmitter and garage opener motor.

    Contrary to most people’s belief, the torsion springs do the heavy lifting, not the garage door opener.

    Garage doors will come with either one or two torsion springs.

    If any of the two springs break or incurs significant damage, the garage door opener will struggle to lift the weight of the door or completely fail to lift it entirely.

    Troubleshooting and repairing this is very dangerous; as such, it is always recommended to seek the help of a professional.

    Torsion springs are only good for a set number of open and close cycles; they will wear over time and will need replacement.

    Garage Door Repair Services

    If you are looking for a reliable garage door opener repair Fresno has to offer, book an appointment with Gdr Tech Houston Garage Doors.

    We offer a selection of professional-grade garage door opener repair services and maintenance for our clients.

    Moreover, we ensure customer satisfaction, so call us now!

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