How to Repair an Off-track Garage Door

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    Off-track Garage Door

    A garage is an important part of our homes especially nowadays.

    A large portion of the population nowadays owns their very own private vehicles making garages quite essential.

    A garage keeps your car safe and protected.

    It protects your car from a lot of external factors such as sudden weather changes and protects it from theft as well.

    Due to age or wear, your garage door may become susceptible to misaligned tracks and when this happens, the possibility of rollers coming off track increases.

    There are other main reasons to consider when a Garage Door becomes off track, such as bad rollers, but misaligned tracks are the most common.

    When this happens, you can do the garage door repair by yourself without having to schedule a visit with your local repairman.

    Emergency repair service can not only take time but can cost you a lot especially if it is something you can just do by yourself.

    Here the things you need to do and consider when trying to fix an off-track garage door:

    Finding the problem

    You cannot fix something without knowing the main cause of the problem.

    The same is true for this situation.

    Before picking up your tools, try to assess why your garage doors are going off track.

    You can’t just go tinkering right away on your door.

    The following are some of the tell-tale signs you should look out for when trying to identify the problem:

    • Loose Tracks
    • Dents on Tracks
    • Misaligned Tracks
    • Lubrication Issues
    • Dirt accumulation
    • Other loose parts or appendages

    If you are able to pinpoint what is causing your problem, repairing it will go on smoothly and without a hitch.

    Fixing the problem

    After having identified the problem, it is now time to proceed to phase two.

    If you have a garage door opener or anything of the like, please disconnect it from the door.

    There should be a rope that releases your door from the opener.

    Or disable the function so that you may be able to work on that door safely.

    Since you have already identified the problem, this will be much easier.

    If your door has loose tracks, make sure to realign them properly and secure them tightly in place.

    It may be a good idea to replace the bolts with newer ones.

    If there are any dents, try reconnecting the area with the dent.

    If it is impossible to straighten, make sure to have a replacement with you on hand.

    Replacement parts may be readily available on your local hardware.

    If everything seems to be in place and you have observed that there are placements where the door is harder to move, apply lubricant on the rollers of your garage door.

    Last but not the least, before you try re-fixing your garage door to the opener, check the tracks for any accumulated grime or dirt.

    Make sure to clean them properly.

    Testing your newly patched up garage door

    After having repaired your garage door, it is time to make sure that the remedy works.

    Before calling it a day and putting your tools in the closet, make sure the solution works well and properly.

    Try opening and closing the garage door a few times, 10 times should the trick.

    This checks whether the garage door still goes off track or not.

    This will also check the quality of your solution.

    Opening and closing it back and forth will test not only if the fix works but as well as if the solution holds itself up.

    You can’t have yourself fixing the garage door consistently, can you?

    Confirm the quality of your work before patting yourself on the shoulder for a job well done.


    And, voila! There you have it. You have successfully repaired your off-track garage door.

    A good maintenance schedule on your garage door might be a great idea.

    Being able to fix your garage door is certainly a great thing as it will not only cut you down on your costs but also allow you to learn new things.

    However, if you do not have enough time, you can always choose to schedule a visit with your local repairman for their services.

    If you are part of the latter and are unable to repair your garage door on your own, try out GDR Houston Garage Doors.

    They offer residential and commercial garage door services including repair.

    We have already over 12 years in the industry of installing and repairing garage doors.

    We offer 24-hour emergency repair service to anyone who might need it.

    So if you live in Houston and need help with your garage doors, then GDR Houston might be just the company for you.

    Contact us now!

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    How to Repair an Off-track Garage Door

    A garage is an important part of our homes especially nowadays. A large portion of the population nowadays owns their very own private vehicles making garages quite essential. A garage keeps your car safe and protected. It protects your car from a lot of external

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