How To Fix A Garage Door Opener Chain

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    How To Fix A Garage Door Opener Chain

    From morning until evening, garage doors are constantly subject to high amounts of tension.

    They are one part of a house that is often overlooked by homeowners, a propensity that is partly due to the longevity that is promised along with its purchase.

    What the majority tend to forget, however, is that while they are assured that these huge slabs of wood or metal require only little maintenance, garage doors will require regular checking nonetheless.

    It may be oiling a few things here and there or a few tweaks and tugs, little actions that are sure to keep one’s garage door up and running for a long time.

    A garage door chain is one of the most vulnerable parts of a garage door.

    It is prone to rust and breaking and affects the workings of a garage door in more ways than one.

    Since it is attached to the torsion springs, the chances are high that when things go awry with them, the springs are sure to spiral with them in inefficiency.

    While hiring a professional is incredibly enticing, costs could rocket at the first chance of being more than just a broken chain.

    With that in mind, this list will include several pointers on how to fix a garage door opener chain.

    Turn off the power supply and disconnect the opener.

    Safety should be prioritized when working on a fix for the garage door.

    This means observing some safety precautions before getting any work done.

    As such, we should make sure first that the garage door is shut.

    Then, the power supply that is connected to the opener should be cut off.

    The outlet located at the ceiling is usually what connects the opener to the electricity.

    This is to ensure that no electrical accidents ensue while you are working.

    After that, simply disengage the garage door from its opener.

    Those that have an opener that is square rail, simply tug on down the red release rope that should shift the garage door into manual operation.

    If the opener is a T-rail, you can also tug the release cord down and back toward the garage door opener.

    Find the adjustment bolt.

    The next step to do is to locate the adjustment bolt in the garage door opener.

    You can do this by climbing up using a stepladder and taking a view at the trolley assembly.

    A bolt on one side should be observed.

    It is a threaded fastener that is usually five to seven inches in length where the two nuts are fastened.

    One nut is used to the locking, and the other is for adjusting.

    They are both, in return, separated through the use of a divider, with the locking nut being in closer proximity to the opener.

    When the adjustment nut is tightened, it also increases the tension that a garage door chain has.

    Unfasten the locking nut and fasten the adjustment nut.

    Make use of an adjustable wrench or a half-inch wrench.

    Begin by unfastening the locking nut a bit.

    After that, simply fasten the adjustment nut, which will increase the tension that is in the chain.

    Remember that the chain should be fastened until it is positioned properly at its midpoint in about a quarter-inch above the rail for an opener that is square rail.

    For a T-rail, it should be half-inch.

    Take note that it should not be over-tightened.

    This might result in the wearing of the chain rollers prematurely.

    It is recommended the chain is a bit loose.

    After the chain has been adjusted to the right tension, fasten the locking nut.

    Two wrenches should be used for this step.

    The other one should establish the adjustment nut in position, while the other is used to move the locking nut.

    If you are not sure how to fix a garage door opener chain, leave it to us!

    We specialize in all things concerning the well-being of the garage door, especially on how to fix a garage door opener chain.

    As professionals, we guarantee great results with quality repairs and installations.

    As such, it is better that you let the experts handle the situation.

    Call us now, and let’s do business! In the matters of your garage door, contact us today!

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