How To Adjust A Garage Door Gap

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    How To Adjust A Garage Door Gap

    Your garage door offers your family and property protection from unauthorized entry.

    It also protects your car from theft and extreme weather conditions.

    Of course, this only applies if your commercial garage door is secured and properly sealed.

    That means that there should be no gaps or unnecessary spaces that may invite unwanted guests.

    We’re not only talking about people here.

    Pests such as mice, rats, snakes, and bats can take advantage of cracks and gaps on your garage door and seek refuge in your home.

    Rain and snow can also enter your home and destroy valuable items.

    Given the repercussions of having a small gap in your garage door, it is vital that you regularly assess your garage door.

    This will help you repair garage door problems before they get worse.

    Moreover, regular maintenance of your garage door will prolong its condition and ensure that it operates as smoothly as possible.

    Continue reading to learn more about how to adjust a garage door gap.

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    Examine the Stops and Tracks

    Before you begin your quest in how to adjust a garage door gap, determine first where the gap is.

    Garage door gaps usually occur at the side, top, or bottom of the door.

    Gaps on the side or at the top of your garage door signify that there is a problem involving the stops and tracks of your door.

    Assess your garage door stops first and check for gaps between the door’s edges and jambs.

    If you notice a gap, adjust the stops and move them closer to the door.

    Sometimes, replacing the stops may be necessary.

    On the other hand, if the roller tracks are the problem, you will notice that your garage door is not evenly vertical when closed.

    To fix this problem, unfasten the bolts holding the tracks and then move the tracks accordingly. Secure the bolts once your done adjusting.

    Adjust The Limit Switch In Your Garage Door Opener

    One possible reason why there your garage door has a gap is that your garage door opener’s limit switch is not properly set.

    This results in a space between your garage door and the ground.

    To fix the issue, adjust the limit switch in your garage door opener so that your garage door fully closes.

    Make sure that the seal at the bottom of the door is pressed firmly to the floor to prevent pests from entering your garage.

    Fix the Seal

    A gap may also materialize if the flexible seal at the button of your garage door is damaged.

    This is normal if it’s too old or worn out already.

    It only means that the seal is in need of replacement.

    First, strip off the existing seal.

    And then, install your new seal by following the instructions on the manual.

    Place a Garage Door Threshold

    Another solution how to adjust a garage door gap is to install a threshold.

    It’s as easy as gluing the rubber threshold on the ground so that your garage door sits tightly on it when closed.

    This will provide a permanent barrier that will seal any gap at the bottom of your garage door.


    Garage door gaps are unsightly and undesirable.

    Your curb appeal may suffer if there are unnecessary spaces on your garage door.

    It may also cause misalignments and unbalanced garage doors.

    Not to mention that your security and safety are also compromised.

    Garage door gaps can invite unwanted people, animals, and elements from accessing your home.

    So, if you notice any space or gap in your door, no matter how big or small it is, call your trusted garage door technician to help you fix the issue immediately.

    Don’t wait for your garage to become infested with unwanted pests.

    Call us now for same-day garage door repair and installation services.

    We are available 24/7, so you can expect us to provide you with prompt and efficient garage door maintenance and repair.

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