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    Garage Door Repair Southwest Houston

    Are you getting frustrated with your broken garage door in Southwest Houston, no matter how you fix it? GDR Houston Garage Doors in Southwest Houston is here to help you.

    We provide exceptional services that will surely satisfy our customers. We also cater to emergency requests, any time of the day.

    If you need an overhead door repair during the Halloween or Christmas season, call us, and we’ll dispatch our personnel to repair your overhead door. Overhead door issues may arise from time to time, that’s why we are here to serve you on the go.

    Leave the repair to us, and we will restore your garage door to its brand-new state. Call us now, and get a quote!

    GDR Houston Garage Door Repair Services in Southwest Houston

    Southwest Houston is a region in Houston where you still see many neighborhoods and communities, along with garages and cars.

    Cars tend to be the main transportation of the people in Southwest Houston. Thus, there is a need to install a garage to protect the vehicle from danger and theft.

    Owning a garage is convenient since you can quickly enter and leave the premises, especially if you have an automated opener. Along with this, it is a worthy purchase because it can last you 10 to 15 years.

    However, maintenance should be conducted from time to time to prevent damages from occurring. A garage can also be damaged due to frequent use, age, and external conditions. When it happens, it’s vital to ask for help from a professional, rather than fixing it yourself or by an unprofessional technician.

    A professional can identify the root cause of the problem and diagnose it right away using the right tools and skills. We at GDR Houston Garage Doors are capable of doing it.

    With over 12 years in the business, we have encountered different types of garage door problems. We’re confident that we can solve your garage door woes quickly with our trained, dedicated, and skilled technicians.

    We are also available around the clock, giving you a 24 hour repair service in Southwest Houston.

    Our Main Services

    If you’re curious regarding the services we offer, here are the following:

    Spring Repair and Replacement: A broken spring occurs once your garage door opens or closes halfway. When you choose GDR Houston, we will identify the problem and do what is necessary for your spring. We also consider the type and size of the replacement.

    Track and Roller Repair and Replacement: It’s essential to consult us if your door is off-track because it prevents the garage door from moving smoothly.

    Rollers, on the other hand, can also affect the tracks if it is broken or worn out.

    When you team up with us, we will see if your tracks and rollers need a simple repair or a replacement. Whatever needs to be done, leave the job to us, so you don’t have to worry about misaligned tracks anymore.

    Opener Repair and Replacement: A broken opener happens when your door won’t move at all after clicking the remote or you hear a grinding noise.

    Whatever the issues are, we will inspect if your opener needs a repair or a replacement.

    Cable Replacement: Cables worn out along with spring. If this happens, it can disrupt the smooth movement of your door. The door might suddenly fall, which can injure a person if he happens to be in the way.

    A DIY fix is not the solution for this because it requires a highly trained technician to do the job as it can be dangerous. Call us, and we’ll replace the cables for you.

    Panel Replacement: When you see cosmetic damages to your panel, such as cracks, bends, or breaks, immediately replace it because it can damage the door section. A damaged panel can lead to an overhead door replacement. Call us, and we’ll replace it for you.

    We are on-the-go for any garage door problems in Southwest Houston, so don’t hesitate to call us, and we’ll be there right away to fix your malfunctioning garage door.

    Choose us to be your partner!

    GDR Houston Garage Doors not only does an overhead door repair but also extends its services to maintenance and tune-ups and garage door and opener installations.

    Whatever your concerns, tell us, and witness how we work. Then you’ll know why we’re a reputable garage door company in Southwest Houston.

    Call our team to bring back the glory of your garage door!

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