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    Emergency Garage Door Repair Houston

    With at least 80% of American homes using a garage door system, some of these households will eventually need emergency repairs.

    Whether you need commercial garage door repair, garage door spring replacement, or the most reliable emergency garage door repair Houston has to offer; we are here to serve.

    Gdr Tech Houston Garage Doors offer garage door repair in Houston for both residential and commercial units; call us for quotations on repair costs.

    We cater to all types of garage door systems, openers, and mechanisms, regardless of the model and manufacturer.

    Identifying the common types of garage door malfunctions will help you identify if you would need to hire professional garage door services or not.

    Emergency Service or Repair

    It is advisable to contact your chosen garage door company for repairs in the following events:

    • Your garage door is wide open and does not close, exposing valuable possessions.
    • Your automobile is stuck inside the garage because the doors refuse to open.
    • Your garage door is misaligned at the tracks or crooked.

    Attempting to fix your garage door by yourself may result in injury or automobile damage.

    The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has shown that about thirty thousand injuries caused by or related to garage doors are reported every year.

    Insisting on repairing your garage door places an unnecessary risk to you, your family, or your property.

    For the best emergency garage door repair Houston has, contact us at Gdr Tech Houston Garage Doors.

    ‘First Aid’ for Garage Door Malfunctions

    In some cases, when your garage door starts to act up, you may not have the time to call a professional and wait for them to arrive.

    As such, we have compiled a list of ‘first aid’ solutions that anyone can do if their garage door system malfunctions.

    Inspect the Garage Door Tracks

    Most garage doors are equipped with metal tracks that assist in opening and closing the doors.

    This is also the part in a garage door system that is easily worn out and damaged.

    From time to time, you should examine if there is any blockage along the metal tracks of the garage door.

    Stones, pieces of bark, or leaves could easily be removed if they are lodged into the tracks.

    However, if the problem is a bend or a dent, it is highly recommended to seek assistance from a trained professional instead.

    Dents require some degree of precision work, which is usually not within the capabilities of people in a household.

    Slight misalignments are also easily rectified by manually adjusting the tracks.

    Keep the Tracks and Rollers Lubricated

    Simple solutions such as keeping a garage door’s moving parts lubricated are often the most effective.

    You will have to use specific lubricants depending on the type of garage door as well as the materials it is made out of.

    Make sure that the tracks are clean prior to lubrication, as any grime, dust, or dirt may harden the lubrication and obstruct the garage door rollers.

    If you want to go the extra mile, you may opt to coat the metal parts with anti-corrosive or anti-rust products.

    Examine for Any Loose Parts

    Loose screws and bolts may be the culprit of a garage door’s malfunctions or erratic operation.

    These malfunctions increase the probability of accidents.

    Therefore, you should take the time to periodically inspect the screws and bolts of the tracks and rollers if they are tight enough.

    Emergency Garage Door Repair in Houston

    The list above will not replace a designated garage door professional in case your garage door experiences a malfunction.

    Whatever maintenance and repair service your garage door may require, calling a trained technician or serviceman is still the best option.

    Gdr Tech Houston Garage Doors has the unquestionable industry knowledge and expertise to diagnose and repair clients’ garage door systems.

    Our company operates under high principles of honesty and avoids upselling to our clients.

    We will only recommend parts or services that your garage door needs.

    Furthermore, our company supplies professional-grade replacement parts from trusted brands to our clients.

    These parts have been proven to increase the integrity and longevity of garage door mechanisms.

    We keep an inventory of replacement parts to ensure that our clients’ garage door systems are immediately repaired and in good condition.

    For the most reliable emergency garage door repair Houston has to offer, contact Gdr Tech Houston Garage Doors now!

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