How to install Spring on your Garage Doors

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    How to install Spring on your Garage Doors

    Most of the time garage door springs are taken for granted.

    But this is often because we know almost nothing about it.

    They are very important components for a garage door as they help in the opening and closing of your door.

    When your garage door fails due to a busted spring, it will always be inconvenient.

    Most of the time, all we know is about how it is needed to constantly tune-up our garage doors or how we need professional help for our garage door needs.

    But seldom do we know about how the process is actually done.

    Garage door spring installation will look easy to the bystander but if you are not well-equipped enough, it might result in some fatalities.

    This being said, let us go and get to know more about the springs used in our garage doors and their installation methods.

    Garage Door Springs: what you need to know

    A spring needs to be proportioned accordingly based to the specifications of your garage door.

    The size, weight, and dimensions of your door have great significance when trying to get the perfect spring for you.

    They contribute a lot especially when it comes to raising or lifting your garage doors.

    Without springs, this task would be a whole lot harder.

    Same day repairs are offered rampantly, almost everywhere, but this could be quite costly.

    When installed properly, you will be able to save a lot more as your springs will last longer and better.

    Garage door repair services may readily be available but you must not take for granted the power of proper installation.

    Before going to the actual process of installation, let us cover some things we need to know in order to make the installation process a success.

    First, before you can install anything, you need to decide which one is the right garage door spring for your needs.

    There are a lot of springs available in the market and not all would be proper or compatible with your garage door.

    There are two types of garage door springs available in the market.

    These are Torsion Springs and Extension Springs.

    These two springs are pretty much easy to identify.

    Torsion Springs are usually found on the top side, over the garage door while Extension Springs are found on the sides of your door lying above the tracks.

    It is important to know this as this will help you know which spring type is compatible with your garage door.

    Before you go to purchase one, make sure also that you have determined the specs of the spring to be used for your garage door.

    You can do this by yourself by researching online how to identify the specs of your garage door or you can ask professional help for this.

    Garage Door Springs Installation Process

    After all this is said and then, we can now proceed to the installation process.

    In order to install your springs onto your garage doors, there are some materials you need to prepare.

    You need to make sure that you have the following:

    • Adjustable Wrench
    • Drill
    • Clamps
    • Hammer
    • Locking Pliers
    • Safety Glasses
    • Winding bars
    • Wrench set & Socket Set

    You may end up using more but this is the most commonly used equipment when installing a garage door spring.

    Procedures might be slightly different depending on the type of spring you are using.

    If you are using a Torsion Spring for your Garage Door, then this is how the installation process is done:

    1. Prepare the door frame. It is extremely important the torsion spring be assembled firmly to the frame of the garage. Thus you need to make sure that your door frame is up to the job.
    2. Lock the door in position using the clamps and the locking pliers. This is done to prevent the door suddenly opening due to the spring causing an injury.
    3. Assemble the springs to the spring tube.
    4. Attach the support plates to the garage door frame firmly.
    5. Mount the torsion springs unto the support plates.
    6. Install the torsion cable
    7. Adjust the spring with the help of the winding bars.
    8. Test the functionality of your newly installed Garage Door Spring.

    For Extension Springs, the installation process is as follows:

    1. Open the garage door completely and lock it in this position with the use of clamps and locking pliers. Just like with the torsion springs, this is to prevent accidents during the installation process.
    2. Install the extension springs. Make sure that the spring is only about an inch stretched even with the garage door being fully opened.
    3. Remove the clamps holding the door together and test the mechanism. If installed properly, this should allow your garage door to function without any problems.


    Knowing how to install a garage door spring and actually installing the spring yourself are two different things.

    Before attempting to do it, make sure you are well equipped with the proper knowledge and tools for the job.

    This being said, it is still highly recommendable to hire professional help for these kinds of jobs.

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