How to Install Spring on Your Garage Doors

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    How to install Spring on your Garage Doors

    Installing springs on garage doors can be a tricky task, but with the right steps and tools, it becomes straightforward. Before we begin, remember that safety should be your top priority.

    Step-by-step Guide:

    1. Gather the Tools & Supplies:
      • New springs
      • Wrench set
      • Locking pliers
      • Safety goggles
      • Gloves
    2. Disconnect Power:
      Unplug your garage door opener. This ensures no unexpected activations.
    3. Release Tension:
      Before replacing, you should release the tension in the old springs.
    4. Loosen the Set Screws:
      Use your wrench to carefully loosen screws on the old spring.
    5. Replace with New Springs:
      Position the new spring in place and tighten the set screws.
    6. Check Door Balance:
      Manually lift the garage door halfway. If it stays put, the balance is good.
    7. Reconnect the Door Opener:
      Plug back your door opener.
    8. Test the Door:
      Try opening and closing to ensure smooth operation.

    Detailed Table:

    StepTaskTools NeededDurationRelated Guide
    1Gather Tools & Supplies10 mins
    2Disconnect PowerNone2 mins
    3Release TensionWrench, Pliers15 mins4 Simple Steps
    4Loosen the Set ScrewsWrench10 mins
    5Replace with New SpringsHands20 mins
    6Check Door BalanceNone5 mins
    7Reconnect Door OpenerNone2 mins
    8Test the DoorNone5 minsDoor Testing Guide

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of springs are best for my garage door?

    Torsion vs Extension Springs: Torsion springs are robust and last longer. However, extension springs are more common and cost-effective. Choose based on your budget and door’s requirements. Still unsure? Check our detailed spring selection guide.

    How often should springs be replaced?

    Lifespan of Springs: Typically, garage door springs last between 7-9 years, depending on use. However, regular maintenance can extend their life. Find our maintenance checklist here.

    Can I install springs myself?

    DIY vs Professional Installation: While the process might seem straightforward, it can be risky. If you’re not confident, it’s best to call professionals like GDR Tech Houston.

    How do I know if my springs are damaged?

    Signs of Damaged Springs: Difficulty in opening the door, loud noises, or a visible gap in the spring are common signs. If you spot these, consider reaching out for a spring repair.


    Installing garage door springs can be challenging, but with the right guide and tools, it’s achievable. Remember, when it comes to garage door installations and repairs, always prioritize safety. Need expert advice or service? Don’t hesitate. Contact us today!

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