How To Select Garage Door Springs

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    How To Select Garage Door Springs

    One day, your commercial garage door is working perfectly fine.

    And then the next day, you notice that it produces a squeaking sound every time you open or close your garage door.

    This signifies that your garage door spring has a problem.

    Garage door springs often cause issues and inconvenience to garage door owners.

    In fact, it is a common garage door problem that many of our clients experience.

    Unfortunately, garage door springs cannot be repaired.

    You can only replace them to restore the efficient operation of your commercial garage door.

    While garage door spring replacement seems easy, you need to keep in mind some factors to help you choose the best garage door spring substitute.

    Luckily for you, GDR Houston Garage Doors has the best team of expert technicians to help you how to select garage door springs.

    As professionals in the field of garage door repair, we always guarantee you the most effective and budget-friendly solution.

    We are available 24/7 if you need same-day garage door repair and installation in Houston.

    Feel free to contact us and we will gladly provide you with the assistance that you need and deserve.

    What Kind of Garage Door Springs?

    One of the basics in how to select garage door springs is knowing that there are two kinds of garage door springs – torsion and extension springs.

    So, before you get too excited about removing your old and broken springs, identify first what needs to be replaced.

    Torsion springs are firm and stiff springs that sit on top of the garage door.

    They are usually mounted to the metal torsion tube that runs parallel to the garage door.

    On the other hand, extension springs are more flexible and longer, and they are usually found in older garages.

    They sit above the horizontal portions of the door tracks, perpendicular to the garage door.

    Extension springs extend as the garage door closes and loosen as it opens.

    Check The Color Of Your Old Garage Door Springs

    To give you an idea of how to select garage door springs, you should know that garage door torsion springs are color-coded depending on the weight of the garage door they can support.

    Green springs are for the lightest commercial garage doors – those that typically weigh around 115-125 lbs.

    Blue garage door springs can support 135-145 lbs but they are also used for 90-lb garage doors.

    Grey springs, on the other hand, are for garage doors that are about 155-165 lbs.

    Lastly, orange springs are used for the heaviest garage doors around 175-185 lbs.

    Hence, you should take a look first at the color of your existing garage door springs.

    This will help you suppose the weight of your door so that you can pick a garage door spring replacement of the same color and strain.

    Know The Right Garage Door Springs To Use

    If your garage door springs are too old that the color has already faded, you can no longer depend on the color coding scheme in buying your new garage door springs.

    In this case, you need to manually measure the diameter of your existing garage door spring.

    You can use a ruler or a measuring tape to identify the spring diameter.

    You may also opt to determine how heavy your commercial garage door is using a normal weighing scale.

    Make sure to undo the existing springs to accurately measure the entire weight of your garage door.

    The diameter of your garage door springs and the weight of your garage door are crucial information in selecting the appropriate garage door springs.


    Choosing the right garage door springs seem easy.

    However, it’s not easy to replace them.

    Replacing your broken garage door springs can be dangerous.

    If you don’t have the experience and expertise, you can get injured in the process.

    That’s why you need to leave perilous tasks like this to professionals.

    For over 12 years, we have been providing garage door owners in Houston with the best solution for their problems.

    Whether your garage door needs assessment, maintenance, repair, and replacement, we got the right experts for you.

    We guarantee you that your garage door will be good as new once our technicians are done troubleshooting or replacing your garage door.

    Moreover, we also assure you that we perform garage door repair services safely and efficiently.

    If you contact us now, you can expect your garage door problems to go away within the day.

    Call us today to get a free quote.

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