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    One of the most overlooked methods that keep any garage safe is putting or investing in a good weather strip.

    The layer of weather strip adds additional material to any edge or opening of the space and item.

    Cars, windows, doors, and many corners have weather stripping material to seal off potential gaps between spaces.

    Sealing any gaps in the frame of the garage entry keeps the garage safer.

    As such, if you own rolling doors inside the garage, you need to apply some roll up garage door weather stripping as well.

    Many professionals can help you do this, and all you need to do is book a job with these businesses.

    We are GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors, and we offer our garage door services in the area.

    Our work doesn’t only include giving the usual garage door repair or installation services.

    We also offer other things that are complementary to keeping your garage safe.

    For example, adding weather strips to the door panels and the frames inside the garage.

    You can contact us at any time if you want to replace the current weather stripping inside your garage.

    We are also available if you want to seal any new gaps in the frame properly.

    Contact us for inquiries and concerns.

    What is weather stripping?

    A weather strip is a material that covers the joint of any item or space.

    Most weather strips comprise strong and treated rubber layers or treated plastic layers.

    These layers are rolled into various lengths and thicknesses.

    It’s best to apply weather strips to all edges of the door panels.

    Don’t forget to include the sides, corners, bottom, top portions, or any joint between.

    You may also apply the weather strips on the edge of the door frames to tight seal the closing and opening of the garage entry.

    If there are small gaps and cracks, apply some strips to ensure that everything closes to a complete seal when the garage door is down.

    Benefits of a weather strip

    You may start to think that investing in a roll up garage door weather stripping only adds cost and expense.

    How are weather strips beneficial for you and your garage?

    Here are some benefits you can expect once you apply functional weather strips inside the garage:

    Prevents intrusion of weather elements

    First, no weather elements are getting inside the garage floor frequently.

    Rainwater, streaks of sunlight, snow, and other weather elements can quickly invade the garage space when there is a significant gap at the bottom of the panel.

    These weather elements can damage the rolling door materials or any items inside the garage; exposing the garage space means allowing water damage or snow damage inside the garage.

    It won’t happen with proper sealing and regular maintenance of these sealing materials.

    Prevents pests from invading the garage

    Second, pests and smaller animals won’t have the free space to crawl in and invade inside the garage.

    Small insects can easily make a home in one of the biggest spaces inside the property.

    Small animals like snakes or rats can get inside your property and build a home inside the garage, especially if you don’t access the garage daily.

    One way to end this is by ensuring that there are no big-enough entrances in the garage entry that accommodate these other creatures.

    Adds insulation factor

    The weather strips help keep the garage warm.

    Even adding an insulation layer to the rolling door panels, sealing makes insulating practices just as effective.

    Weather strips limit the heat transfer inside the garage onto the outside area.

    If you are keen on keeping the utility bills for the electricity low inside the garage, invest in durable weather strips.

    Make an appointment with our team to apply weather strip to your rolling doors

    We are GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors, and we are here to help you seal off the gaps in your rolling doors.

    Our team has experience in applying the best weather strips in the industry.

    We help you mitigate the issues caused by considerable gaps between the door panels and the garage entry frame.

    As such, we offer our expertise for your roll up doors inside the garage.

    You don’t need to let streaks of cold air inside by having big gaps in the door jambs.

    Contact us to recommend the most durable weather strip materials suitable for your doors.

    Give us a call!

    Weather stripping is one of the most overlooked parts of the garage for many garage owners.

    Most garage owners pay attention to these items when there are issues inside the garage.

    Nevertheless, no matter how minor or unnoticed these parts are, these items serve a significant purpose inside any property.

    To seal off gaps in the frame or any side of the garage area, property owners can apply a weather strip around.

    When there are visible spaces in the garage entrance, one quick solution is applying weather stripping material.

    There’s no other team you should count on to apply long rolls of weather strip than professionals.

    We are GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors, and we offer our expertise and services to you.

    Our works include the most simple and basic solutions inside the garage.

    You don’t need to wait for considerable damages and urgent repairs to book us.

    From selecting the most suitable weather strip for your garage to applying these layers in gaps, we are here for you.

    Our team can help you with the most severe to essential work for any model or brand of doors.

    What is a weather strip?

    A weather strip is a material layer to apply to any small cracks, gaps, and spaces inside the garage structure.

    Not all garage spaces are perfect and well-kept without holes.

    Weather elements quickly get through tiny gaps and damage anything inside the garage.

    The solution is to apply a weather strip that safeguards especially on edges and low crevices inside the garage.

    The additional come in rolls of strips which are available in many sizes.

    Weather strip materials include but are not limited to any of the following:

    • V strip or tension strips are the most common weather strip coming from vinyl, aluminum, steel, or other metal components, known for durability.
    • Felt strips are more flexible and inexpensive strips that owners need to apply strong glue or staple wire to cover gaps and hard edges.
    • Reinforced foam strips are thicker strips that you can apply underneath the bottom panel of the door or the threshold of the garage entrance.
    • Tape strips are more common as temporary or placeholder weather strips until you invest in the more durable weather strip material.
    • Rubber strips are more appropriate and effective around the sides of the door panels; this ensures that the rolling doors have an unmovable fit when the garage is closed.
    • Frost brake weather strips are more beneficial to areas with colder climates to prevent air leaks or intrusion of cold winds via tiny gaps.

    There are other types of weather strip materials inside the garage.

    All you need to do is consult our team to apply the right weather stripping for rolling doors.

    Benefits of a weather strip

    These are some of the benefits of a roll up garage door weather stripping:

    Adds insulation factor

    If you want to keep heating costs low, it’s best to invest in insulation material.

    One of the most affordable ways to add insulation is by applying weather stripping to the door and frame of the garage.

    Improves the tight fit for roll up garage door

    Some door panels or rolling doors may lack material to provide a more secure close to the garage entrance.

    Applying the roll up garage door weather stripping on the sides of the panel or slats can add more material and fit the doors.

    Prevents outside elements from entering the garage

    Rainwater, sunlight, and snow can quickly build up inside the garage.

    Keep these weather conditions away by putting suitable weather strips around the garage and the rolling door.

    Set a date with GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors to apply a new garage weather strip

    We are GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors, and we are here to offer our garage door services in town.

    Our team can help you select the best weather stripping material for your doors and garage.

    You don’t need to look anywhere else for professionals.

    We are here to perform a garage door repair or installation of other items that can benefit your garage door.

    All you need to do is give us a call.

    We are available at any time for your questions and inquiries.

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