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    Garage Door Repair Downtown Houston

    Are you looking for an overhead door repair company in Downtown Houston? GDR Houston Repair offers quality services for your overhead door repair concerns.

    Garage Door Repair in Downtown Houston

    If you live in Downtown Houston, it’s not a surprise that people own a garage in their house because the area has many residences.

    Owning a garage door is a good investment because it provides convenience and protects you from break-ins and dangers.

    That’s why GDR Houston Garage Doors has put up a branch here to extend our services, even to the corners of Texas.

    Whether the cause of your faulty garage door stems from a damaged spring, rollers, or opener, we have experts that will take care of everything.

    We are also experts on all types and brands of garage doors because we have been serving Houston for over 12 years. With our long years in operation, we have encountered many kinds of problems. Whatever your garage door repair concerns are, we can fix it successfully.

    Moreover, the training for our technicians is up-to-date. We promote innovation through our services and training, so we don’t disappoint you.

    Call us right away for us to give a proper diagnosis for your garage door.

    Services offered in Downtown Houston

    If you need a 24-hour repair company to fix your garage door, GDR Houston Garage Doors will answer promptly. We don’t want you to wait in agony, especially if you live in Downtown Houston.

    These are the following services we provide:

    Garage Door Repair

    A malfunctioning overhead door is due to lack of maintenance, rusty parts and components, age, and environmental factors.

    It can manifest through

    1. The garage door is not moving upward or downward.
    2. The garage door produces a scratchy sound, but it’s not moving.
    3. The garage door automatically closes (which can cause injuries).
    4. The garage door only opens or closes halfway

    If you’re experiencing one of the issues above, then hire GDR Houston Garage Doors to fix your garage door in no time.

    But if you want to fix it by yourself, it might damage the equipment in the long run and add to your expenses.

    Don’t wait anymore and enjoy same day service with our company after you call us. We offer services around the clock to ensure that we can solve all garage door problems throughout Downtown Houston.

    Spring Replacement

    Aside from repairs, we also replace parts that are responsible for the movement of the overhead door.

    A spring is responsible for the proper movement of your garage door. Without it, your door would not open and close properly. But it is prone to damage due to constant usage, and it isn’t easy to repair it by yourself.

    A replacement is a suggested route for this to ensure that your overhead door is working correctly.

    Whether your garage door has an extension or torsion spring type, we can replace it seamlessly.

    Since we are running for 12 years, we offer our garage door various services, and replacing the spring is not an exception.

    If your spring affects your garage door’s performance, give us a call, and we’ll replace it right away.

    Garage Door Opener Repair

    Having an opener is convenient, especially if you choose the automated type. It automatically opens and closes the overhead door with just a push of a button from the remote.

    However, if yours is damaged, leave it to us because it might need a repair or a replacement.

    Cable, Roller, and Panel Replacement

    If your cable snaps, it can damage the garage wall or the other components in a garage door.

    Meanwhile, if your door is off-track, it can be challenging to open or close the garage door. The rollers might be the culprit.

    If the cables and rollers are damaged, then a replacement is the way to go. You can also replace your panel if it experiences wear and tear due to being exposed to external conditions.

    We have the best people to do the replacement for these components. Regardless of what type and brand the door is, they are expert in doing it.

    Since we’re excited to work for you, call us now to maintain your fully-functional garage door.

    Call Our Team Now!

    You must choose the best garage door repair company in Downtown Houston. That’s why GDR Houston Garage Doors will never fail you.

    No matter what time you need us or wherever you are in Downtown Houston, we will go directly to your doorstep after you call us. We want to give you a top-notch service that you would like to avail of our services repeatedly.

    What are you waiting for? Call our team for your garage door concerns!

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