How the Heck Are There Icicles Inside Homes in Texas? The Scientific Answers, Revealed

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    The normally temperate state of Texas experienced some of the coldest weather ever this week when snow blanketed most of the central part of the country, leading to widespread power outages and water shortages. Dallas–Fort Worth even saw temperatures dip to a teeth-chattering minus 2 degrees on Tuesday morning—a negative number not seen in North Texas for 72 years. 

    Just how cold did it get? Outside, the Texas deep freeze caused swimming pools and hot tubs to ice over. And those frigid conditions left uninsulated power grids struggling to keep up. Millions of Texans then suffered power outages or rolling blackouts as cold temperatures lingered for days. To add to the suffering, hundreds of thousands of North Texas homes with electric heat lost the ability to keep their homes warm.

    please appreciate this photo of my dad standing on top of our frozen pool in dallas, measuring the thickness of the ice with a tape measure 😂 #DallasWeather #dfw

    — diana✨ (@xdianarose) February 17, 2021

    And so what Texans had to endure went from bad to worse: To wit, icicles formed inside people’s Lone Star homes, with frozen water even hanging from ceiling fans.

    How are these icy spikes that usually form on an outside eave ending up in Texan living rooms and bathrooms? And more importantly, how can you stop it from ever happening to you? We explain it all below.

    What causes indoor icicles?

    This is how cold it is at my Apartment.

    As a Texan, yes, I’m…

    Read more…

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