Chicago alley lined with bright murals in Tri-Taylor neighborhood

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    CHICAGO — In Chicago, alleys are quintessential neighborhood features. Now, one such alleyway is going beyond the usual function, turning into a colorful art exhibit!

    “This is unique opportunity to try something new,” said Alex Nakonechny, who is developing the group of West Side homes where the project has come to life.

    The houses under construction in the 2500 block of West Polk Street, known collectively as “The 12,” all feature a unique mural on their garage doors. So far 15 murals are visible ,and Nakonechny said another 15 will eventually be painted with the rest of the development’s construction on the northern side of the alley.

    “It is the first of its kind that I can think of, especially in Chicago, where one developer has brought 30 artists together,” said Chicago Truborn gallery owner Sara Dulkin.

    “One alley you can see them all,” added Dulkin, who collaborated with Nakonechny to recruit the featured artists.

    Nakonechny sees The 12 as an opportunity to reimagine use of Chicago’s alleys, moving beyond just parking and trash cans, perhaps to be used for block parties, for example.

    “It’s bringing a lot of color and vibrancy to the neighborhood,” added Dulkin.

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