How to Replace Garage Door Rollers Without Bending Track

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    How to Replace Garage Door Rollers Without Bending Track

    Is It Possible To Replace Garage Door Rollers Without Bending The Track?

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    Impregnable fortresses’ garages may appear; a small chink on its armor (system) is enough gas for everything to start going haywire.

    It could be a rustic cable or misaligned sensor; one wayward device could shepherd in other problems that would be too costly to repair in the long run.

    The internet, in this regard, has become a one-stop-shop for curious and frugal homeowners, who would rather have the repairing done on their own.

    While numerous articles flock the web–all of them ridden forward to help–it’s challenging to find one that directly hit two birds with one stone.

    Garage door rollers are tiny wheels that operate along the metal tracks of one’s garage door.

    They slide up when the door is opened and continue to run forward until the said door completely retracts.

    Should they become damaged or loose, a garage door is sure to start making loud noises.

    Moreover, there is also this tendency for the door tracks to bend when new tiny wheels are supplanted.

    As such, this list seeks to provide a solution to such a dilemma.

    Here are several pointers on how to replace garage door rollers without bending track.

    Detach the fasteners from the brackets.

    It is essential that the fasteners gluing the brackets to the tracks are detached.

    This is because it is difficult to work on the tracks with it being glued to the door, therefore creating a barrage between you and the rollers.

    Upon detaching the fasteners from the brackets, the tracks will be able to free themselves.

    After that, you can easily remove the garage door itself.

    Detaching the door tracks will permit you to detach the rollers as well.

    Then, carefully remove the rollers by each one from the brackets.

    Get new rollers.

    After the step has been done above, you can then get yourself some new rollers.

    You will need to replace the old ones with newer models after they have been removed.

    As such, before you begin to put the new rollers into the brackets, add some lubricants first on true rollers.

    After the rollers have been lubricated, carefully place them in the bracket where they are supposed to be.

    Fasten the brackets again.

    Once the rollers have been placed, simply replace the tracks back again by putting the roller in it.

    This can easily be done by retracting the steps from the previous steps above.

    Here, you will need to insert the rollers in the track. Afterward, simply place the fasteners back on it as well.

    Make sure that it is placed in the same position before it was detached at the beginning of the project.

    Replace the rollers at the top.

    The roller that is located at the top should be replaced as well.

    It is by far the easiest step in the replacement process.

    In here, you will only need to remove the entire bracket that is situated against the wall, which is used to hold the roller in place on the track.

    To remove the bracket, unfasten the nut once again, just like in the previous steps aforementioned above.

    Then, simply get the new roller into place.

    Replace the old one with the new one after lubricating it once again.

    Call the experts.

    If you are not sure as to how to handle the garage door and its parts best, then you have to call for backup.

    This means hiring the help of the experts.

    There is no shame in needing help.

    It means you are human.

    There is no use in pretending that you know how to do things, especially when it comes to the garage door.

    When in doubt, go for an expert!

    In terms of how to replace garage door rollers without bending track, tips can only do so much.

    With a professional, it is best handled well, and you are ensured with quality and safety.

    As such, it is safe to say that you can leave it to us!

    We are a company that offers a wide array of services regarding your garage door.

    As experts, we are complete with licenses as well as insurance.

    Call us now to do business with us! Contact us today!

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