How to Replace Garage Door Rollers And Hinges

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    How to Replace Garage Door Rollers And Hinges

    A garage door is nothing with incomplete hardware parts, especially rollers and hinges.

    These two elements work together to allow the smooth opening and closing of your garage door.

    Rollers, in particular, allow the door to slide smoothly along the metal tracks on both sides of the garage door.

    Without it, your garage door opener will have a hard time raising and lowering the garage door.

    Meanwhile, hinges connect your garage door panels together and allow them to move and bend.

    Another type of hinge that also plays a crucial role in the operation of your garage door is the end hinges.

    End hinges are typically found on the sides of the panels, connecting the door to the tracks.

    If one of your garage door hinges or roller break, expect the faulty operation of your garage door.

    If that’s the case, contact your garage door technician to help you assess and solve the issue.

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    How Rollers and Hinges Work Together

    Each side of your garage door has hinges that have roller mounts.

    These hinges hold the rollers in place while the wheels move along the metal tracks.

    At the same time, they serve as connecting points between the door and the tracks.

    Given this connection between the hardware, you cannot replace your rollers without removing the hinge.

    To show you how to replace garage door rollers and hinges, below are the steps to perform it safely and correctly.

    Replacing the Middle Garage Door Rollers and Hinges

    Before doing anything, disconnect the garage door opener first for safety purposes.

    Manually raise the door and secure it in place.

    This will allow you to work safely and comfortably.

    When everything is set, you can begin removing the nuts and bolts to release the hinge and the roller from the track.

    Insert a new roller into the new hinge and then place the roller back on track.

    Align the holes on the hinge over the bolts on the door and then fasten the new hinge with bolts and nuts.

    Manually open and close the door, and then automatically operate the door to test the new rollers and hinges.

    Replacing the Top Garage Door Rollers and Hinges

    Replacing the top roller is pretty much the same as the previous steps.

    First, remove the bolts and nuts of the hinges and then take off the retainer bracket with the roller.

    Remove the roller and replace it with a new one.

    Return the roller back into the track.

    Align the hinge to the bolts on the door and then tighten the nut to hold the bracket and roller in place.

    Test your new top rollers and hinges by opening and closing the door a few times.

    Replacing the Bottom Garage Door Rollers and Hinges

    Changing the bottom rollers is more complicated than replacing the top and middle rollers.

    Secure the door with a C-clamp around 12 inches below the top of the garage door opening.

    Then, locate where the vertical and horizontal track meet.

    Slightly bend the vertical track near the intersection so that you can force the roller out.

    Once you remove the roller, you can slide a new roller back into the mount and then into the track.

    Restore the section of the vertical track you bent to its original position and then you can finally test your new bottom rollers and hinges.


    Garage door rollers and hinges are small hardware parts but they are essential in the smooth and flawless operation of your garage door.

    Without them, your garage door won’t offer you any convenience or comfort.

    The safety features of your garage door may also be null.

    So, if you notice that your garage door rollers and hinges are faulty, check them immediately and have them replaced.

    If you need any assistance in how to replace garage door rollers and hinges in Houston, our expert team will be happy to help.

    We specialize in garage door repair and installation services.

    You can call us anytime, so we can provide you with emergency commercial garage door services.

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