How To Replace Garage Door Cable

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    How To Replace Garage Door Cable

    Garages are one of the most efficient additions any homeowner could have in their homes.

    Not only do they provide security for cars from bouts of thievery and vandalism, but they also serve as a depot for when things get too dense in one’s living room.

    Garage doors, being these massive, intimidating slabs of considerable weight, are enough to keep anyone from tampering with one’s belongings on the inside–impregnable as they are.

    Fundamentally, this is what makes garage doors a most coveted accessory in one’s home and an efficient staple with benefits to keep their owners satisfied.

    While they may seem indestructible, garage doors are no strangers to mishaps.

    Loose or broken garage door cables, for this matter, are frequent pains that garage owners encounter

    . A small broken cable may appear inconsequential, but the effect that this extends to the other devices on a garage door is colossal.

    When this happens, the prospect of having it repaired by a professional becomes most appealing.

    If one would rather save their money, however, doing it by one’s hands is possible.

    This list, therefore, seeks to offer several tips on how to replace garage door cable efficiently and safely.

    Know the garage door cable first.

    The garage door has a cable that is taken to be one of the safety features that it is equipped with.

    Garage door cables are installed in order to keep residents safe just in case a spring on the garage door snaps.

    The garage door springs are behind the tension that is given to the door, which it needs to be able to open and close by itself.

    These springs, in return, can wear out in time and eventually snap.

    A regular inspection and maintenance is needed in order to watch out for wear and prevent accidents and malfunction by getting them replaced.

    A wear that is not spotted in time can cause the spring to snap, especially while the door is in operation.

    However, the cables are the parts that prevent the spring from bringing damage to the residents around and onto the vehicle that is stored in the garage.

    Moreover, without the garage door cable, the springs can recoil with a violent force.

    The cable is the component that runs along the spring and prevents the recoil once it breaks.

    Replacing the Cable

    There will come a time when the cable will inherently need to be replaced.

    It is regardless of whether you have noticed it wearing out or whether it has snapped during the operation or during at rest.

    As such, it is essential that we know how to replace the cable.

    This is so you can still make sure that the whole garage is safe just in case an accident ensues concerning the spring.

    Before you begin the replacement, keep in mind that the garage door springs are hazardous, especially when they are in full working condition.

    Make sure that you are safe and sound by being careful in handling such parts during the process of the replacement.

    While it might not be too difficult even for a homeowner, it can still be dangerous if you are not careful.

    The first step is to release any tension from the springs.

    In order to do this, you will need to have the door fully opened.

    In order to prevent it from closing while on the job, make use of some C-clamps on the track and position it below the lowest wheels of the door.

    You can also choose to have the door rest on top of a stepladder to keep it from shutting.

    Afterward, disconnect the garage door opener.

    Clear the garage of anything that is valuable, especially vehicles.

    Then, remove the springs and replace the cable.

    You can then place the springs back into their original position.

    Leave it to the experts.

    For a large-scale project as big as how to replace garage door cable, leave the job to the experts.

    Given that, leave it to us! We are experienced professionals on the job, plus we are licensed and insured!

    We guarantee safety and quality in the services we provide.

    Call us and let us do business with you. Contact us now!

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