How To Frame A Garage Door Opening

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    Sometimes, the size and fit of the garage door you want are not compatible with the garage’s entry.

    As all garages are different, expect some adjustments to the structure of the garage entry.

    The most prominent option you can choose is adding a frame to the garage entry to eliminate any gaps and spaces.

    There must be no significant gaps between the door panels and the garage entrance.

    If there are any noticeable spaces and gaps, you may end up compromising the garage’s security.

    It takes less work to pry open door panels when there are obvious spaces in the opening of the garage.

    If any gap is big enough, it may be enough to access the emergency release cord from the outside to open the garage.

    As such, invest in the frame of the garage entrance when necessary.

    Don’t worry; there are businesses in town to help you with such concerns.

    We are GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors, and we offer garage door services to all garage owners in the area.

    Part of our services involves helping garage owners set up the frame of the garage entry before installing the brand new doors to the garage.

    Here are some methods on how to frame a garage door opening:

    Get the necessary measurements

    The first step is to know the dimensions and measurements inside the garage space.

    Note the following measurements in your frame job, so you get the exact numbers and purchase a frame that fits the entryway.

    Opening width – the horizontal distance inside the entry opening which doesn’t take into account the side spaces of the entry

    Opening height – the vertical distance from the ground to the entry opening, which doesn’t take into consideration the header or the space above the entry

    Header – the vertical distance between the opening height to the garage ceiling

    Side clearance – the horizontal distance between the opening width and the garage wall on both sides of the garage

    Trim adjustment – the allowance or potential small gap space between the entire width of the door panels and the side clearance in the entry

    Note that there may be other dimensions or aspects inside the garage you need to consider, especially if you want to have bigger doors and parts.

    Contact contractors to handle the technical aspect of the job

    There are businesses in town that focus on construction,

    Inquire about adding a garage frame to the garage entrance before installing new doors.

    These businesses have knowledge about the standard measurements of any garage frame.

    As these professionals specialize in building code, they know the minimum requirements to add a fitting garage frame to the entry.

    The standard measurements are the obligatory requirements for any garage from local regulations.

    Note that you may also need to do some construction work to widen the garage to accommodate garage frames and standard garage door models.

    Book for garage door professionals for a service

    Booking for professionals who specialize in garage doors may also be your option.

    Here at our team, we know how to assess and measure garage entries and how to frame garage door openings.

    We have given our work to many garages in town, and our goal is that the door panels guard the garage properly.

    Each garage is different, and this is where the adjustment happens to accommodate the garage doors that owners want.

    While you can’t change most of the standard door models and packages, you can constantly adjust via the additional frame of the garage entrance.

    Part of our garage door services is assessing the garage frame of every property so that we can give the best recommendations to owners.

    Make an appointment with our team for your garage framing needs

    We are GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors, and we offer our work in town.

    We are a team of experts and technicians who handle several services for garages in town.

    We offer our garage door repair and installation services for owners in town.

    Our team is available at any time to accommodate any calls and inquiries.

    All you need to do is contact us before you decide to buy a new door for installation.

    The last thing you need is a mechanism that doesn’t fit in your garage properly.

    Door frames serve as part of the entrance of any garage.

    In reality, there is no standard size and dimension that fits all garages.

    There are different shapes and sizes for every garage, making all garages different.

    As such, fitting a standard-sized model doesn’t help set up a safe and well-protected garage.

    If you force to install a door model that doesn’t fit the frame, it’s easier for passersby to intrude into the garage.

    All it takes is one crowbar to dismantle and pull up the door panels across the tracks.

    Gaps and spaces can become the weak point of the entry.

    One way to eliminate this is by knowing how to frame a garage door opening.

    Get rid of potential crawl spaces beneath resting panels and ensure that the door panels are snug and fit against the garage entrance.

    For this, you have reliable services in town.

    We are GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors, and we offer our garage door services to you.

    You can call us at any time for questions and inquiries.

    Here are some steps to frame the door frame of the garage entrance:

    Step 1: Get necessary measurements and dimensions

    The first step is to know the necessary measurements of the entry frame.

    There are some critical factors that you need to consider to get a frame that fits the entrance perfectly.

    Always account for necessary adjustments and allowances for the garage space.

    • Entrance width is the left-to-right horizontal distance between the beginning of the entrance on one side and the other side
    • Entrance height is the up-to-down vertical distance between the ground to the endpoint of the entry
    • Header space is the vertical measurement between the entrance height and the garage ceiling, which usually contains the spring and spring rod
    • Side clearance is the side measurement from the end of the width towards the garage wall (applies to both sides)
    • Trim measurement is an adjustment measure for a potential small gap between the end of panel sectionals and the side clearance measurement

    Step 2: Book for some contractors in town

    The next step is to book contractors who can work on the garage frame.

    Since the garage opening is part of the structure, it’s best to integrate the frame into the garage’s structure.

    These professionals know how to frame a garage door opening.

    Moreover, it’s crucial to consult with professional builders because of specific codes and regulations.

    Depending on the setting, residence, or business, there are some standards to ensure safety inside the garage.

    Always consider the fact that the door frame can be a foundation for the other parts of the mechanism.

    If parts of the mechanism that you need to drill in the frame like tracks or hooks, then the frame needs to be strong.

    There are specific measurements and numbers that professionals count out before finalizing the size of the frame installation.

    Step 3: Make an appointment for frame installation

    Lastly, it’s time to take into consideration the size of the garage door.

    If you want another option for the door frame, contact experienced professionals like us.

    Here at GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors, we provide new doors and all the necessary services for these doors.

    We also have knowledge and expertise in sizing up door frames for the garage.

    Our job is to make sure that we provide doors that fit and protect the garage opening properly.

    This means we are familiar with the know-how and adjustments to properly fit any garage door size.

    The last thing we want is for garage owners to have an entrance with significant gaps and spaces.

    Please make an appointment with our team for your frame planning and installation.

    Get a job with our team to provide services for the garage door and the entrance frame

    The foundation of durable doors starts with the garage entry, including the garage frame.

    We don’t only provide installations; we also give our garage door repairs to every garage owner in time.

    If the frames or any part of the garage door have damages, give us a call.

    We are always ready to provide efficient services for everybody in the area.

    All you need to do is book a job with us!

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