How To Fix Garage Door Photo Eyes

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    How To Fix Garage Door Photo Eyes

    Safety, as a homeowner, is something that we always worry about.

    While we do not let it occupy us every single time, it is in the back of our minds.

    Hence, we act upon our instincts to keep the family and the whole house safe.

    That is why we baby-proof our homes when there are children around.

    Moreover, we get technologies and other appliances that are friendly and do not cause harm unless an external negative force acts upon it.

    Items within the home are often equipped with safety precautions.

    There are warnings and proofs, especially for appliances.

    Take, for example, your garage door.

    Automatic garage doors nowadays are equipped with various safety features that allow them to detect danger and prevent it.

    There are sensors as well as photo eyes that are installed within the garage door opener.

    These photo eyes help in detecting danger around the pathway of the garage door to prevent any accidents from occurring.

    As such, when they are damaged, they might pose a danger and further problems.

    To prevent that, here are some tips on how to fix garage door photo eyes.

    Identify the Problem First

    Oftentimes, projects fail because they are addressing the wrong problem.

    When thinking of a solution, it is best to identify and thoroughly understand the problem first.

    There is no use in a blind understanding of a particular problem, especially if it can cost you time, effort, and most of all, money.

    First and foremost, you have to make sure that the photo eye itself is indeed behind the issue of the garage door.

    Other causes of the door, not closing may be due to the tracks and not the malfunctioning of the garage door opener’s photo eyes.

    This is due to the fact that a bent track may be causing the door to squeak, a sign that it has difficulties in sliding down and eventually stopping it from moving.

    Dents and bents in the tracks can also be the culprit.

    As a whole, it might not only be the photo eyes that are behind such a problem.

    However, you will know that the photo eyes are refusing to work if the door does not close when you try to do so.

    It is also clear when the door produces a clicking sound, and the light of the opener flashes every once in a while.

    Check these signs first before doing anything.

    Look out for obstacles.

    Obstructions can come in various forms.

    When the photo eyes refuse to work, it might be due to the fact that some obstacles are on the way, therefore preventing the door from closing all the way.

    While it is normal to assume that such obstructions equate to a parked car into the garage, a person blocking the doorway, and whatnot.

    However, other obstructions could also be doing the deed, such as breaking the beam that is used by the photo eyes, which is preventing the door from shutting.

    Photo eyes are extremely sensitive, more than most of us think.

    Hence, it is best that we observe the environment around for any signs of objects that might be blocking it.

    Moreover, any boxes and other relevant items that are stored within the garage in close proximity to the door could be the culprit behind the interference.

    Move these objects away and test the door again.

    Check the LED.

    The photo eye of the garage door is equipped with a small LED light within it.

    This means that the sensor is working properly.

    With that, it should be noted that you need to check on the sensors every once in a while to ensure that the photo eyes are properly working as well.

    If you notice that there is something wrong with the lights, try to move the sensor slightly where it is mounted.

    See if the light comes back again.

    When problems occur within the photo eyes, the sensitive and delicate nature of such can be damaged without the precision of a professional.

    Not everyone may be capable of handling how to fix garage door photo eyes.

    Hence, if you care about your garage door, it is best to leave the problem to the experts.

    Given that, leave your garage door to us! We specialize in garage door repair and installation and all other types of garage door services.

    Contact us today for more information.

    We guarantee quality and success, so call us now!

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