How To Adjust A Garage Door Gap

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    How To Adjust A Garage Door Gap

    Your commercial garage door is a big security concern for your property. It offers protection from climate, theft, and unauthorized entry provided that it is properly sealed. Never neglect the sealing or security of your commercial garage door–loose seals allow for broken welds, which leads to the vulnerability of your car. In this blog post, we will show you how To adjust A garage door gap.

    To keep it running smoothly, change the weather stripping annually and lubricate the steel tracks with vaseline at least once a month. That means that there should be no gaps or unnecessary spaces that may invite unwanted guests.

    We’re not only talking about people here. Pests such as mice, rats, snakes, and bats can take advantage of cracks and gaps in your garage door and seek refuge in your home.

    Rain and snow can also enter your home and destroy valuable items.

    Given the repercussions of having a small gap in your garage door, it is vital that you regularly assess your garage door.

    This will help you repair garage door problems before they get worse.

    Moreover, regular maintenance of your garage door will prolong its condition and ensure that it operates as smoothly as possible.

    Continue reading to learn more about how to adjust a garage door gap.

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    Examine the Stops and Tracks

    Before you start your quest to find out how to adjust a garage door gap, first ask yourself where the gap is. Typical garage door gaps occur on either one of the sides, at the top, or at the bottom. A gap in a certain area means there’s something wrong with that specific part of your garage door.

    First, you need to check that the stops are in the right place. If you’re not sure where they go, measure from the garage door’s edge and adjust them so they’re as close as possible to the edge. You may need to replace them if they’ve fallen off or are otherwise unable to hold up your garage door. If your roller tracks aren’t positioned properly, your garage door will be uneven when it closes. In order to fix this problem, unfasten the bolts and readjust the roller tracks accordingly before securing them again with new bolts.

    Adjust The Limit Switch In Your Garage Door Opener

    One possible reason why there your garage door has a gap is that your garage door opener’s limit switch is not properly set.

    This results in a space between your garage door and the ground.

    To fix the issue, adjust the limit switch in your garage door opener so that your garage door fully closes.

    Make sure that the seal at the bottom of the door is pressed firmly to the floor to prevent pests from entering your garage.

    Fix the Seal

    A gap may also materialize if the flexible seal at the button of your garage door is damaged.

    This is normal if it’s too old or worn out already.

    It only means that the seal is in need of replacement.

    First, strip off the existing seal.

    And then, install your new seal by following the instructions on the manual.

    Place a Garage Door Threshold

    Another solution how to adjust a garage door gap is to install a threshold.

    It’s as easy as gluing the rubber threshold on the ground so that your garage door sits tightly on it when closed.

    This will provide a permanent barrier that will seal any gap at the bottom of your garage door.


    When your garage door has gaps, especially in the frame, it can be a big problem. Gaps and other problems with your garage door can result in an ugly appearance and negatively affect the curb appeal of your home. The extra space on your garage door could lead to misalignment or unbalanced garage doors that are also less secure and don’t provide adequate protection against unwanted people or animals and exterior elements.

    So, if you notice any space or gap in your door, no matter how big or small it is, call your trusted garage door technician to help you fix the issue immediately.

    Don’t wait for your garage to become infested with unwanted pests.

    Call us now for same-day garage door repair and installation services.

    We are available 24/7, so you can expect us to provide you with prompt and efficient garage door maintenance and repair.

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