How to Adjust Garage Door Cables for Optimum Performance

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    how to adjust garage door cables

    If your garage door isn’t working as well as it used to, the cables may be to blame. Cables that aren’t adjusted properly can cause all sorts of problems, such as the door not opening or closing completely, or becoming stuck in the down position. In this blog post, we will show you how to adjust the cables on your garage door for optimum performance.

    What is a garage door cable?

    A garage door cable is a metal rope that helps to raise and lower the door. The cables run from the bottom roller brackets on each side of the door, all the way up to the drums (wheels) at the top. There are usually two cables per side, one on each side of the door.

    Why do they need to be adjusted?

    Cables can become loose over time, and need to be tightened in order to keep the door working properly. If the cables are too loose, the door may not open or close properly. If they are too tight, the door may become stuck in the down position, or may not open all the way.

    How often should they be adjusted?

    It is generally recommended that you adjust your garage door cables once a year. This will help to keep the door working properly, and prevent any major problems from occurring.

    What tools do I need?

    In order to adjust the garage door cables, you will need:

    – A ladder

    – A pair of pliers

    – A socket wrench

    – A drill

    – An assistant

    How to adjust for Optimum Performance

    First, you will need to locate the adjustment bolts on the bottom roller brackets. These are usually located near the bottom of the door, on each side. Once you have found them, use the socket wrench to loosen them. Do not remove them completely, just loosen them enough so that they can be turned by hand.

    Next, you will need to adjust the tension on the cables. To do this, use the pliers to grip the cable and turn it clockwise. As you turn it, you will see the door start to rise. Once the door is in the fully open position, stop turning the cable.

    Now, you will need to adjust the other cable in the same way. Once both cables are adjusted, use the socket wrench to tighten the adjustment bolts. Be sure to not over-tighten them, as this can cause damage to the door.

    Finally, test the door to make sure that it is opening and closing properly. If it is, then you are done! If not, repeat the steps above until the door is working properly.

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