Garage Spring Door Repair: What You Need to Know

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    Garage Spring Door Repair

    The spring found on your garage door is one of the most heavily used components of your garage door.

    Just think about the frequency of the door opening up and down in a year.

    With this being said, springs are mostly one of the first parts to wear down or break down and would eventually need replacement soon.

    All that heavy lifting will eventually cause your spring to wear down.

    Faulty garage door springs can be extremely dangerous.

    The reason for this is that, when they break, they can potentially cause damage to property or even cause injury.

    Anyone in the right mind would not want this happening, would they?

    Thus, one should be aware of the different things they need to look out for to tell when they would likely need to have an appointment with a repairman that offers garage door repair services.

    Here are some of the tell-tale signs you certainly need to look out for.

    Torsion Springs: How to know when they’re already no good?

    Torsion springs are garage door springs that are located on the top of the garage door.

    Since they are usually out of direct sight, you might not notice right away if they are about to wear down.

    To prevent this from happening, here are some of the things you can do to check if your Torsion Spring is still in acceptable condition.

    There are two ways in which you can confirm the condition of your Garage Door Torsion Spring.

    Both will require you to do so by turning your door’s automatic feature and opening it manually.

    After you have disabled the automatic features of your garage door, you can now proceed to do the following.

    First, you have to manually open the garage door and make sure it is fully open.

    When doing this, your door should be able to hold itself up with minimal movements, even when you are not supporting it.

    Try to exert strength on your garage door.

    Check if it is having a hard time keeping itself up or if it is moving too much.

    If this is the case, then you might have to consider having it checked or replaced.

    Next, try opening the door manually halfway.

    Again, this should provide the same results as the previous requirement.

    The door should be able to hold itself up with little to no movements.

    Try to feel the door as well. If your door at this point feels heavier than it should be, your torsion spring might be close to breaking.

    You can do this daily check-up by yourself at least once a week to confirm your spring’s condition.

    Do not fret though as this is just preventive measures.

    Torsion springs are designed to last for four to nine years depending on the conditions and factors it is exposed to.

    If your garage door is new then there should not be any problem concerning your torsion springs.

    However, checking once every few days never hurts anyone right?

    On the other hand, if it has been a long time since you have last replaced your spring, be more attentive to its present condition.

    Extension Springs: How to know when they’re already no good?

    Another type of springs being used on garage doors is Extension Springs.

    Unlike Torsion Springs, Extension Springs support the weight of the gate from the sides instead of from the top.

    In terms of functionality though, both work pretty similarly.

    It is easier to notice and check these kinds of springs as they can at eye level but merely checking its physical condition will not do the trick.

    To prevent your springs from suddenly breaking down on you, here are some things you can do to check its present condition.

    The first thing you can do is check the spring manually for any noticeable gaps in its coils.

    Gaps can mean that the material the spring is made of is starting to give out, causing the spring to be unable to produce the tension required for lifting the door.

    After the visual check on the coils, try to compare the left and the right sides of your garage door if they are still aligned.

    If this is not the case, this could mean that one of the springs is stretched more than the other as the weight is no longer distributed evenly between them.

    This is a clear tell-tale sign that your Extension Spring can no longer lift your door properly and thus must be replaced.


    Prevention will always be better than cure. If you are starting to notice that your springs are no longer functioning properly at all, then maybe it is time to call for professional help.

    There are lots of same-day repair and 24-hour repair services available that can cater to your needs.

    However, not just anyone will do.

    You will need someone you can trust to do an emergency repair service and at the same time someone who is accessible in the area you live in.

    GDR Houston Garage doors have been serving both residential and commercial clients alike, for almost 12 years now and still counting, near Houston.

    When it comes to delivering quality work, they will certainly not disappoint.

    They offer 24-hour services to whoever may need it and will make sure to fix the problem for you.

    When that spring is starting to give-in, please do wait until it breaks and have someone repair and replace your spring right away.

    Do not let broken springs ruin your day. Contact us now for your day to day garage repair needs!

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