Garage Door Won’t Close: Tips And Tricks What To Do

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    Garage Door Won’t Close

    Is Your Garage Door Not Closing When You Click On The Remote?

    Watch this video: The most common causes explained.

    Are you currently experiencing problems regarding your garage doors not closing or budging at all?

    If you are, then you are in the right place.

    Oftentimes we get to experience problems like this happening and it gets us thinking, what could be causing this?

    Well before you get to fixing, you got to know what’s causing the problem, right?

    Once you know what the problem is, it becomes easier to address it.

    There are a few things which can explain why your garage door suddenly isn’t functioning and some of these are the following.

    Defective Motion Sensors

    These kinds of problems are usually encountered by individuals who have installed motion sensors to control the door’s basic functions.

    Motion sensors are often used to make sure that when the garage door is closed, there is no one or nothing along the way.

    It will only proceed with the command once it can assess that the path is clear then it will signal the opener to close the door.

    This is a very good function however, once the sensors become faulty, they are unable to transmit that go signal, leaving your door hanging and unable to close itself.

    Try examining your sensors. They are usually located on the bottom side of your garage door, approximately 6 inches from the floor’s surface.

    Check if there are any obstacles to the direct sight of your sensors.

    If none, try checking if your sensors are still aligned.

    Sometimes, sensors need a transmitter and a receiver for it to work and if the sensors are misaligned, the receiver will not be able to read the signal from the transmitter sensor.

    Filthy Sensors

    It is also entirely possible that the lens of your sensors is just dirty and it is reading that dirt as an obstacle.

    Try and check the lens of your sensor. See if there is any dirt here and if there is, please make sure that you clean it.

    You can clean the dirt on your motion sensor by using a soft, non-abrasive cloth to wipe off the lens clean.

    Be very careful tho as it is possible to scratch the lens of your sensor causing even more problems than you already have.

    Garage Door Limit Setting is incorrect

    The limit setting is responsible for defining the distance your door needs to move for it to completely close.

    This means that if not set or done correctly, this will only result in your door reopening again.

    This happens when the door is set to close faster than what your limit setting allows.

    What happens is if the setting is wrong, when your garage door closes and hits the floor, this will get the idea that there is an obstruction because something has hit the door.

    When this happens, the opener will then open the door immediately to prevent an accident.

    Remote Batteries are dead

    Another possible reason why the garage door is not closing could be your transmitter’s batteries.

    Most of us use a remote to transmit commands to the door’s opener.

    When the batteries are dead, it will not be able to transmit a signal and the door will remain open as is.

    Try checking if your remote can still be used to open and close your garage door.

    If it doesn’t work, then it is probably time to replace your device’s batteries.

    Remote is not functioning properly

    It is also possible that your transmitter is malfunctioning.

    This can either be due to it being out of range or the antenna is not working properly.

    When this happens, try to check if the remote still functions when you are within the range mentioned in the manual.

    If it doesn’t, then try checking the antennas if there is anything that could be obstructing it from sending a transmission.

    And lastly, try checking with your neighbor.

    If both of you have the same frequency for your transmitter, then you will also experience problems when trying to close your door.

    You can try to change your remote’s frequency by reprogramming the remote.

    Disconnect Switch Turned On

    If your garage door’s motor is running but your door isn’t moving at all, then this could be your problem.

    The disconnect switch is what connects the opener to your garage door mechanism.

    When it is enabled, this allows you to open and close your door manually.

    This is usually used when there is a power shortage or there is no power.

    Try checking your Disconnect switch and turn it off if it is enabled.

    By doing so, your door will start functioning again.

    Faulty Springs and Cables

    Last but not least is your Garage Door’s springs and cables.

    Your garage has springs and cables to make sure that your door can open and close your door slowly and safely.

    It is possible that your door is not functioning due to your spring or cable being damaged.

    When this happens, it is best to have it replaced.

    When fixing springs and cables, it is recommended to opt for professional help rather than doing it yourself.

    This process could be dangerous after all if not done properly.


    When your garage door is not functioning there are three things you need to remember.

    The first would be to check the situation. Try to find out what is causing your problem.

    Why is your door not closing? What could be the reason it’s behaving this way?

    Doing this will give you a better grasp of your situation.

    Having a good understanding of your situation will help you assess what you should do next and in the process, approaching the problem properly.

    Next, try fixing the problem. If it is a simple problem, try fixing it.

    Examples of this would be cleaning your sensors, applying lubricant, and so on.

    But do not go beyond what you can do.

    For mechanical related issues, it is best to contact a professional as they will be able to handle your problem the right way.

    Last but not the least, test your solution.

    Once you have finished with your troubleshooting, try checking if your door is already functioning as it should or not.

    If it still is not, don’t hesitate to contact a garage door repair operator for your garage door needs.

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