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    Garage Door Service Jersey Village Tx

    Are you looking for a reliable garage door company that offers commercial garage door repair and garage door spring replacement?

    We conduct maintenance services and garage door repair in Houston, Texas.

    Our company maintains professionalism and boasts top tier expertise for garage door services in Houston.

    A garage door is the largest single moving part in your household and is usually used repeatedly over the day.

    Keeping it in good condition and conducting consistent maintenance and upkeep is key to a safe garage for the family and your automobiles.

    Unfortunately, not all households have the time or the knowledge to efficiently and adequately maintain their garage doors.

    This is where we step in – Gdr Tech Houston Garage Doors at your service for garage door service Jersey Village Tx.

    Forego the cumbersome maintenance and repair process, book an appointment with us now, and we will send you a quotation.

    10 Garage Door Preventive Maintenance Tips

    For those who still prefer the DIY approach, below is a list of ten preventive maintenance tips for owners who are not looking for a garage door service Jersey Village Tx offers.

    Inspect with Your Eyes and Ears

    One of the most important preventive maintenance tips is to inspect and observe your garage door every time it is being used.

    Check whether the movements are smooth or jerky, if it slides silently or if it makes grinding noises.

    Investigate whether the springs, pulleys, or cables are symmetrical on both sides.

    Tighten and Secure the Mechanisms

    A garage door moves up to open and down to close about a thousand times a year.

    With the multitude of parts involved in this process, the vibrations can eventually loosen the parts and mechanisms inside.

    Take time to occasionally examine the roller brackets and bolts, and tighten with a socket wrench if necessary.

    Test the Balance of the Garage Door

    A garage door that is improperly balanced will work unnecessarily harder, which in turn will shorten the lifespan.

    Pull the release handle to disconnect the garage door opener, and manually move the door about halfway up.

    If the garage door does not stay put, then the springs that govern the counterweight system are not balanced.

    While there are ways to balance the springs yourself, it is still best to leave it to professionals.

    Examine and Replace the Rollers

    The garage door rollers require an examination at least twice a year, depending on the frequency of usage.

    On average, the rollers need to be replaced every seven years, whether they are made out of steel or nylon.

    Any damage to the rollers (chips or cracks) endangers the integrity and stability of your garage door.

    Replace or Repair the Weatherstripping

    The rubber weather seal at the bottom of your garage door may become brittle over time.

    You will need to occasionally inspect the seals to make sure they are free from cracks, to keep the elements away from the interior of the garage.

    Weatherstripping can be bought from hardware or home improvement stores.

    Keep the Moving Parts Lubricated

    Keep your garage door parts and mechanisms lubricated to add years of uninterrupted operation to the system.

    As much as possible, use white lithium grease, then spray a lubricant on the garage opener’s chains or screws.

    These products are available from certain garage door specialists and are used to coat the overhead springs.

    Check the Garage Door Cables

    The high-tension cables located inside the garage door system should never be tinkered with unless necessary.

    These cables have enough force to injure and kill a person.

    As such, only inspect them visually and call a professional if they are not in good shape.

    Test the Safety Features

    A garage door system has two safety feature mechanisms: photocell and mechanical.

    There are multiple ways to test these features, such as the famed cardboard box test, among others.

    Garage door openers that are more than twenty years old may lack these safety features.

    If your garage door does not have these systems in place, call a professional to inquire about replacing your garage door system.

    Keep the Tracks Clear

    Ensure that the tracks of the garage door are free from any particulate matter or debris such as stones and leaves.

    Any obstructions may compromise the normal operation of the garage door system.

    Clean Your Garage Door

    Do not forget to inspect the door itself.

    If your garage door is made out of wood, you may need to check for possible water damages and warping.

    Steel doors, on the other hand, may develop rust spots that need to be sanded down, primed, then painted.

    Prevention Is Better Than Cure

    Similar to the human body, it is always better to prevent problems rather than repair them.

    As such, for those looking for a garage door service Jersey Village Tx, our lines are open for customers.

    Gdr Tech Houston Garage Doors caters to customers who seek varying repair, maintenance, and installation services.

    For more information, contact us now!

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