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    Anything can happen to any part and piece of your mechanism.

    Once the garage door system is in use, anything can cause damage to the big and small parts of your new home addition.

    The problem starts when you don’t invest in professional garage door services such as the installation service of brand new doors.

    With new doors, you have the chance of keeping things as long-lasting as possible.

    Nevertheless, that task takes work, effort, and services from experts like us.

    The only way to keep the pristine and working condition of the doors and parts is to ensure that professional technicians assess the entire mechanism regularly.

    We are GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors, and we are a business that focuses on providing long-lasting work for any door.

    If it so happens that there is damage to the mechanism, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

    We are available in Katy to provide the best repairs efficiently.

    Our experience and expertise set us apart from other businesses.

    Our goal is to make sure that you and your garage are safe by having a fully functional door that guards the entry.

    We offer the following garage door repair in Katy:

    Panel repair

    The most common damages to the door panels are dents, scratches, and wedges.

    When there is a severe force impact, you may be forced to replace the entire panel.

    You can’t risk having a damaged panel as it can become an entry point for unwanted people.

    Give us a call to assess and repair your panels.

    Spring repair

    The door spring lifts and puts down the heavy door panels along the track.

    Without a working spring, you may not be able to open the garage at all.

    So, if there are signs of damage or slow movements upon opening the garage, give us a call.

    We are a team of technicians who can give you a durable spring repair or replacement.

    Opener repair

    Not all garages may have an automatic opener device.

    The opener is an additional device that functions as the automated part of the mechanism.

    A damaged opener means you need to open the garage more manually.

    Don’t let overheating openers or wiring problems hassle you inside your garage.

    Cable repair and replacement

    Alongside the spring, you have cables that give support and balance for the panel movement.

    Without the proper cable lengths lifting the side of the panels, you may end up with an unlevel garage door.

    One of the most common damage and issues in the garage is a fraying cable or a snapping cable.

    Contact us for any concerns when the issue arises.

    Track repair

    The tracks guide and contain the door panels to keep the garage entry sealed.

    When there are gaps in the track or if the tracks are out of place, the garage may be more exposed to outside elements.

    It’s necessary to regularly adjust and repair the tracks to keep the door panels in their original place.

    For any track issues and problems, give us a call.

    Roller repair and replacement

    The rollers function to give the door panels a smooth movement up and down the tracks.

    When there is a damaged roller, the entire door slab may drag along the track.

    Worse, the door panels may end up wedged in the same position as the roller gets stuck inside the track.

    You may need to consider replacing all the rollers for this concern.

    Hardware tune-up

    You may not pay attention to all the bolts, screws, and hinges inside the garage.

    However, all hardware pieces keep the entire mechanism into one big system.

    As the bigger parts and devices in the garage move and work, the hardware loosens up gradually.

    We are here to inspect, tighten, and lubricate the hardware pieces.

    Contact us for your professional garage door repair in Katy

    Here at GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors, we are a team of experienced technicians.

    We can do all types of damage repairs for all parts of the mechanism.

    There is no brand and model of garage door that can limit us from giving you durable repairs.

    As we all focus on a safe and efficient garage, our services are available for all garage owners in Katy.

    We are available every day, so give us a call. 

    There’s no other service you should trust for your garage doors except for experts.


    Experts can handle any issue in the garage and mitigate further damage to any part of the mechanism.


    The last thing you need is a repair that you need to keep redoing and rebooking every few months.


    Not only are repetitive repairs insufficient, but these works are also very costly in the long run.


    Professionals who know how to handle any damage can provide long-lasting repair solutions inside the garage.


    Fortunately, we are here in town to provide our garage door repair Katy.


    We are GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors, and we are here as a team of experienced professional technicians.


    Our team of technicians offers garage door repairs in town for all garage owners.


    If you’re looking for accessible and available services for the doors in the garage, you can always call us for your inquiries.


    Here are some of the services we offer for you in Katy:


    Opener Repair


    One of the signs that you need a repair for the opener is when the opener doesn’t operate fast.


    Typically, when you press the remote control handheld or a button in the car panel, the garage should open up in a matter of seconds.


    Slow operations and movements often indicate damage and issues with the mechanism.


    Be sure to look out for the speed the doors travel up or down the garage and book for an inspection when you deem it necessary.


    Spring Repair


    Another sign that you need a repair is if the spring starts producing squeaking sounds.


    The springs are often silent in movement.


    If there are loose coils or broken coils inside the spring unit, it’s best to consider a new spring for replacement.


    You can call GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors and book a service as soon as possible.


    Cable Repair


    Snapping cables produce loud banging sounds inside the garage.


    A snapping cable is also hazardous, especially if the door panels are in the middle of traveling up the tracks.


    You will end up with loose cable lengths and a hanging door.


    Call for help immediately and keep anybody out of the garage as much as possible.


    Sensor Repair


    The sensors are responsible for the auto reversal mechanism of the opener.


    The door panels should reverse upon contact when something is blocking the track pathway.


    A broken sensor is dangerous for your vehicle, pets, and any obstruction in the frame.


    Ensure that both sensor units are working correctly inside the garage.


    Roller Repair 


    Rollers wear out over time due to constant movement inside the track.


    One sign that you need a roller repair or a complete replacement is when the rollers grind against the tracks.


    When the rollers stop spinning in their stem, the bearings inside may be in a jam or under damage.


    You won’t have a smooth operation with the door panels if you repair the rollers.


    Track Repair


    Tracks contain and guide the movement of the door panels.


    When the tracks are shifting, and far from the original placement, the door panels may end up unbalanced between two sides.


    Don’t wait for the time when the door panels get stuck on one trackside and end up hanging off the other.


    It’s dangerous to leave an unadjusted track so call professionals to tune-up the tracks.


    Inspection and Tune-up Service


    Preventions are still better solutions than waiting for an instance for necessary repairs.


    One way to know if the garage door system is fully functional without issues is through regular inspection.


    We are here to offer our inspections to all garages in Katy.


    Our team can tune-up and provide minor repairs to issues in the mechanism upon inspection.


    Call us for more inquiries about our garage door services of all kinds in Katy


    There’s no better way to ensure the safety of your garage than by booking for experts in the area.


    We are GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors, and we are here to offer our work in Katy.


    Our services include garage door repair Katy for all residences and businesses.


    If you’re looking for reliable businesses, you can always inquire with our team for any concerns.


    We are more than happy to help you achieve a damage-free garage.


    All you need to do is contact us!

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