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    Garage Door Opener Repair Humble

    When a garage door opener stops working suddenly, the cause is often simple and easily fixed.

    However, in some cases, the problem may be too complex for a household with no experience or familiarity with a garage door’s mechanisms.

    In the case of non-residential properties, commercial garage door repair can be very difficult.

    If you are looking for a garage door opener repair Humble city has, we recommend contacting us at Gdr Tech Houston Garage Doors for garage door repair in Houston, Texas.

    We provide professional repair services for residential and commercial garage door openers, and we give among the best garage door opener repair Humble has to offer; call us now!

    However, if you believe that the problem is something you can rectify, we have compiled a list of frequent problems with the garage door opener and their solutions.

    Remote Control and Wall Switch Not Working

    If the garage door refuses to open or close, there is a high probability that the power source has been disrupted.

    As simple as it sounds, check if the motor unit is plugged.

    Start by inspecting the outlet where the opener is usually plugged into and ensuring that the cord is plugged in properly.

    Another possibility is that the fuse, circuit breaker, or GFCI outlet fueling the garage door opener circuit has either tripped or burned out.

    If you see that electrical circuits or lights in the garage are not working, then this is probably the cause.

    When this occurs, you will have to either replace the burned-out fuse or reset the GFCI or breaker.

    In rare instances, the motor of the garage door opener has burned out and is no longer operational.

    In cases like this, it will require a complete replacement, usually by a professional service person.

    Garage Door Refuses to Close Properly

    If the garage door properly opens but fails to completely close up, the close-limit may need some adjustments.

    The garage door is equipped with set-limit switches that instruct the motor when to stop moving for both opening and closing.

    If the close-limit switch is set improperly, it may prevent the door from closing and will sometimes cause the opener to reverse when attempting to close the door.

    Another possible problem is the misalignment of the safety sensors on both sides of the garage door.

    The sensors are attached to the bottom of the garage door tracks and require a clean line of view between each other.

    If anything is obstructing the view between the sensors, or if the sensors themselves are misaligned, the door will refuse to descend all the way.

    Garage Door Reverses While Closing

    Garage door openers are equipped with an adjustment screw that governs the ‘closing force’ — the pressure in which a door is allowed to close down before the opener’s motor switches off.

    The sudden reversal before hitting the floor is often caused by the friction of the garage door rollers within the tracks.

    This friction fools the door opener into thinking that the door has fully reached the floor.

    When this happens, the close-force will need some readjustments.

    In some instances, the garage door rollers may also be rusted or damaged, creating extra friction.

    It is essential to keep these parts in good shape and undertake consistent maintenance checks to prevent this from happening.

    Garage Door Does Not Open Fully

    On occasions where the garage door closes up correctly but abruptly stops short when being opened, the up-limit switch may need to be moved close to the motor unit.

    The touch-lever switch is mounted at the end of the track near the garage door opener motor unit.

    If the switch is too far, the motor will always stop the door before it fully opens.

    Similar to the previous problem, damaged rollers can also cause the door to behave this way.

    Routinely inspect your garage door rollers and lubricate or replace them when necessary.

    Garage Door Opens But Motor Keeps on Running

    This is a very rare problem; however, if it does happen to you, it simply means the up-limit switch has to be moved farther away from the motor unit.

    This problem usually occurs immediately after a garage door opener is installed.

    Remember to check the garage door opener’s functionality right after it is installed.

    Professional Repair Services in Humble, Texas

    While it is entirely possible to diagnose and troubleshoot garage door opener problems by yourself, it is still recommended to seek the help of professionals.

    From garage door spring replacement to general garage door maintenance, Gdr Tech Houston Garage Doors is ready to assist.

    For the most worry-free repairs and maintenance on garage door opener repair Humble provides, book an appointment with us!

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