Garage Door Installation Jersey Village Tx

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    Garage Door Installation Jersey Village Tx

    The complexity of installing a garage door on your own may lead to some severe injuries given the weight of some garage door parts.

    For those looking for garage door installation Jersey Village Tx has, Gdr Tech Houston Garage Doors is here to help.

    We do commercial garage door repair, garage door spring replacement, and garage door repair in Houston, Texas.

    If you want a quick and efficient way of installing a new garage door, book an appointment with us now!

    If not, we have compiled a list of the steps involved in a garage door installation Jersey Village Tx.

    1. Release the Tension

    • You will have to release the torsion spring’s tension before you start working on the garage door.
    • Begin with clamping using adjustable locking pliers on to the shaft of the torsion spring.
    • Afterward, squeeze the pliers against the header wall just above the garage door.
    • Once you have done these preliminary steps, insert a steel rod into the hole of the spring winding cone.
    • The spring has four holes that are used for loosening or tightening.
    • While tightly holding the steel rod, loosen all the winding cone’s screws.
    • Then, using the steel rods, loosen the spring by turning it a quarter at a time.

    2. Disconnect the Existing Garage Opener and Door

    • After releasing the tension, make sure to disconnect the existing garage door opener as well as the door itself.
    • Start by removing the door panels from the top, detach the hinges connected to the panels underneath.
    • Afterward, proceed to the disconnection of the track by unscrewing it from the doorframe.
    • Keep in mind, if you plan to replace your garage door opener, remove its track from above, then remove the opener itself.

    3. Install Door Panels

    • Start by installing your new garage door.
    • Ensure that the bar is centered onto the panel, then drill the pilot holes and secure the bar using screws.
    • Attach the hinges above each panel and axle supports at the bottom of the lower panels and the top of the upper panels.
    • Position the bottom panel into the opening of the door.
    • Keep the panel upright by inserting a nail into the wall next to the panel, then bend it over so that it holds the panel in place.
    • Fasten the next panel on top of the previous one, and make sure that the groove of the upper panel is resting on the ridge of the lower panel.
    • Repeat this process until all the panels have been attached.

    4. Install the Track and Secure the Hinges

    • From within the garage, attach each hinge’s top half to the panel above.
    • Place wheeled axles onto the side hinges, as well as the top and bottom axle supports.
    • Attach brackets onto the vertical track pieces to install the track.
    • After the brackets have been attached, place them against the wall.
    • Attach the cable of the garage door into the hook at the bottom panel axle support, then attach the bottom bracket.

    5. Attach the Track to the Spring Assembly

    • Put together the pieces to support the spring assembly, then attach them to the track.
    • Make sure to rest the curved portion of the track onto the vertical piece that you have installed earlier.
    • Attach the other end into the ceiling bracket.

    6. Bolt the Tracks

    • Secure the horizontal track to the vertical track on the garage door.
    • Do not tighten the bolts until you are sure that the door fits properly and is lined up smoothly.
    • Drill a hole via the horizontal track to line up with the vertical track.
    • Bolt the tracks together.

    7. Install the Springs

    • Find the center of the opening, and place a mark on the door header.
    • Attach spring anchors to the springs.
    • Secure the spring locking cone
    • Bolt both springs securely onto the main header bracket.

    8. Install Pulleys and the Torsion Rod

    • Slide the torsion rod onto the holes at the side header brackets.
    • Attach the pulleys to both ends of the rod.
    • Secure the central header bracket to the part of the header with the center mark.

    9. Attach the Cable

    • Bring the cable up and attach it to the pulley wheel on each side.
    • Turn back the wheel, so the slack is pulled tightly over the pulley from the side of the door.
    • Slide the wheel onto the header bracket, then tighten it.
    • Using a pair of locking pliers, tighten them onto the rod outside of the bracket.

    10. Tighten the Springs

    • Tighten the spring using steel rods by reversing the procedure previously used on the old door.
    • Once you reach the right tension, tighten the bolts onto the anchor to lock everything in place.

    Seek Professional Help for Garage Door Installation Jersey Village Tx

    As you have noticed, the process of installing a new garage door can be very time-consuming and is prone to mistakes for those who are not familiar with the mechanisms.

    At Gdr Tech Houston Garage Doors, we provide quality service at a reasonable price.

    We provide amongst the most trusted and reliable garage door installation Jersey Village Tx has to offer.

    To get the assistance of our trained technicians for your garage door needs, contact us now!

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