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    Structural degradation happens to any property over time.

    As any building ages, the materials in the structural integrity will decline due to many factors.

    Part of the structure is the frame of the garage entrance.

    If you decide to add a frame in the garage entry to retrofit the garage doors, it’s just as prone to damage as the door itself.

    As the frame guards the garage entrance and contains the door panels in the entry, it’s always subject to the most common causes of impairments.

    When the time comes where you need to book a repair inside your property, don’t forget to give us a call.

    We are GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors, and we offer our garage door services to all garage owners in town.

    Our team of specialists also offers a garage door frame repair for all frames in less than pristine condition.

    If you’re looking to fix any damage in the frame material, give us a call.

    Perform your initial inspection regularly inside the garage to assess recurring or current damages.

    Here are some causes of the frame damage that you need to look out for:

    Weather condition

    The first cause of frame damage is the daily weather conditions.

    The frame of the garage entry is one of the most exposed parts of the garage.

    As it is constantly under the sun, expect the coating or the paint colors to fade over time.

    Moreover, the frame material is constantly subject to water damage from rainfall and severe storms.

    As the weather conditions continue to affect the frames of the garage entry, expect some damages, especially after severe weather conditions or calamities.

    Old frame

    Age continuously degrades the foundation and the durability of the frame.

    It’s only natural for the door frame to be weak and more prone to damage over time.

    If you have booked previous garage door frame repairs over the past years, consider installing a brand new frame.

    The cost of repairing the frame may outweigh the cost of brand new frames.

    Brand new frames give you a stronger foundation and frame for the garage.

    Severe impact

    Unintentional force happens even to the best of drivers in town.

    You may or may have experience backing or scratching the sides of the frame unintentionally.

    When you miss out on the estimation on driving properly inside the garage, the frames are some of the things you may damage.

    For this, book a repair job on the frame.

    Check for scratches, deep dents, and wedges that can expose the inside material of the frame.

    Pest invasion

    Pests also make home within the frames of the garage entry.

    It’s not uncommon for insects, small animals to go inside your garage from time to time.

    While this may happen, the damage to your frame can quickly escalate.

    Check the frames and the garage walls for signs of termites and small insect infestations.

    These instances may not ruin the frame material at once, but the gradual degradation weakens the material over time.

    Regular wear and tear

    When you constantly use or expose the frame, it will eventually display some signs of wear and tear.

    Look for scratches, peel-off painting, and loose frame parts from their foundation.

    The frame is constantly in contact with the door panels.

    Any movement or force from the movement of the door panels can damage the frame.

    If you also attach many things to the door frame, cracks and wedges may turn bigger and more severe over time.

    Set an appointment with our team for your concerns!

    We are GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors, and we offer our garage door repair in town.

    Our team is always at any time of the day so that you can access all day and night available services.

    When you’re experiencing emergency damage or in the middle of an unforeseen circumstance, give us a call.

    Whether you utterly damage the frame when you hit it while driving, or a heavy rainstorm destroyed and seeped through the wooden panels, we will be with you.

    Our team of repair technicians can attend to your concerns and perform a garage door frame repair at any time.

    Our services don’t only cover frame repairs; we also give installation work for brand new door frames.

    Give us a call at any time for questions and quotations.

    Garage frames are prone to damage just as much as any part of the garage door.

    As such, when you perform the usual inspection or book for professional assessments to your garage, tell technicians to check the frames as well.

    Without the proper frame support, nothing is holding the panels close to the garage’s entry.

    Structural degradation occurs all the time, and frames weaken due to too much degradation and not enough checkups.

    If you want a team of professionals to check the frames in your garage entrance, give our team a call.

    Here at GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors, we offer our services to all garage owners in town.

    Our work doesn’t only cover door panels, openers, and tracks.

    We also inspect and provide the occasional garage door frame repair inside any property.

    There are various reasons a frame gets damaged or suffers through time.

    Here are some things to note when you assess the condition of your garage:

    Weather conditions can degrade structural integrity

    Daily weather conditions always affect anything in the area.

    Whether you experience too much heat or colder seasons, these factors severely affect property materials.

    Heavy rains and winds can damage frames in properties.

    It’s not uncommon to find broken pieces of frames after heavy calamity occurrences in any part of the world.

    It is considered one of the strongest aspects that can damage garage frames.

    Pests, vermin, and rodents destroy frame structures

    Pests, vermin, and rodents are not new causes of property degradation.

    These living organisms can degrade the condition of any structure on any property.

    The costs of industries repairing damage from these living groups amount to millions.

    The reason it’s best to lock the garage door and ensure that nothing else gets inside is because of destruction and damage.

    Imagine rats, termites, or centipedes making a home in the integrity of your property; damages can happen at any time.

    Time contributes to the wear and tear of the frame

    With time comes aging and decline.

    The same goes for the frame of the garage that contains the doors.

    There isn’t one specific cause to frame damage.

    The damages will always come from many factors that affect the durability of the material.

    As such, after all the causes of frame damage, frames give out, and you may need to spend a lot for repairs or renovations.

    Unsolicited impact results to severe damage

    Accidents and unexpected circumstances happen all the time.

    Did your child throw a ball too hard and hit the frame?

    Maybe one time, you accidentally backed out your vehicle on the edge of the door.

    Substantial impacts lead to a lot of apparent damages inside the garage.

    When the damage is too severe, the entire frame may weaken, and you’ll end up with a falling door; book for a garage door frame repair immediately.

    Regular garage door use slowly damage the frame

    The garage door itself can damage the frame of the garage entrance.

    Regular wear and tear from all parts of the mechanism also include the frame that contains the door.

    Always look out for any signs of unusually heavy usage.

    Scratches, dents, and wedges can slowly deepen in the crevices of the frame.

    Over time, these damages will worsen, and you’ll end up with a frail frame supporting the door.

    Make an inspection and repair appointment with our team

    GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors is a business that focuses on providing services for all parts of the garage door.

    As a team, we want to offer our garage door services in town, including our garage door frame repair.

    We can fix the typical damage to the door frame like scratches, dents, and chipped parts.

    Please consult with us to inspect and provide the best course of action for severely broken door frames.

    We are a team of professional technicians that provide garage door repair for any brand and model of doors.

    Our team is available at any time of the day for services, calls, and inquiries.

    We want you to have access to reliable technicians that can cater to your concerns in any part of Houston.

    All you need to do is contact us and ask questions and quotations.

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