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    Nothing ever gets as exciting as watching your dream home come to life.

    There are endless possibilities, designs, and themes you can incorporate into your property.

    Moreover, a lot of these home projects and renovations have the potential to increase your property value.

    Make every year exciting by planning a home renovation or transformation project.

    One of the projects you can consider is a garage door transformation.

    When you upgrade the style of your property or decide that it’s time to convert two door garage to one, it’s best to contact professionals first.

    Invest in the services and expertise of professional technicians as much as you will invest in the materials of your home project.

    Here at GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors, we offer our services in town.

    We are a team of experts who can help you with your plan to transform a two-door garage into a single-door garage.

    Though it may take a lot of planning and work, we are here to ensure that you get the results you want to see.

    All garage owners deserve a functional and beautiful garage door on their property.

    Garage door conversion: process

    Converting a two-door garage into one involves two parts: removal and installation.

    Most two-door garages have two garage doors due to the large entry of the garage.

    When there are two separate doors to the garage, there is usually a large foundation pillar in the middle of both doors.

    The pillar serves as the separation point and the sidewall of the respective inner sides of both doors.

    Removal of pillar and old doors

    First, Professionals will tackle the removal of the pillar and process to remove the mechanism.

    At this point, you should design or envision the single garage door you will have in place.

    Construction teams and the garage door technicians may work together to secure the new foundation into a strong base for the new doors.

    Installation of new doors

    Second, the installation process works.

    Contact us as you choose and scout for the brand new doors you will install in place.

    We can work together to choose the best door designs and types for your now single entry garage; then, we can set up the new doors in place.

    Benefits of the two-door garage

    While this next home project is exciting, what are the benefits of a single-door garage?

    Wider space for vehicles

    The first benefit is the more expansive space for cars, motors, and other types of vehicles.

    Having a single door makes more sense if you’re the type to showcase some ride inside the garage.

    One opening point allows you to drive the car in and out comfortably without worries about wrecking the side mirror or scratching the car paint.

    Wider space for people

    The second benefit is the wider space for people.

    The garage can become a central point of hang out or space for many people.

    Larger entry means people have more walk-around areas without worrying about bumping cars, items, or other things inside the garage

    The cost of the garage door conversion

    When you convert two door garage into one, it’s an investment.

    This means you’ll need to set aside some budget for the new door, some construction and clearing work, and the services that follow.

    On average, prepare at least 2,500 dollars for the new doors and the professional service.

    If you want to invest in other single doors and incorporate different technologies into the new doors, the prices will significantly increase.

    Plan and decide the best doors that you are willing to spend for.

    Enquire with our team and set a date for our garage door services!

    We are GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors, and we offer various services in town.

    Our work doesn’t only scope your home project plans.

    We also offer our garage door repair to help you maintain the pristine conditions of your now single-door garage.

    We are a team of experts who have a lot of experience in the business.

    As you plan to convert two door garage to one, count on us to help you with the plan’s most essential and technical aspects.

    Let’s work together to convert the doors guarding your garage.

    Give us a call at any time!

    There are many home renovation projects that you can do to improve your property.

    Don’t limit yourself to changing layouts, house color schemes, and overall interior design.

    One of the things you can consider is a garage door conversion.

    Like any part of the residence, you can always extend the garage or modify the garage entry.

    You can also modify the entrance door to the garage and convert the two door garage to one.

    Consider it an investment to raise the property’s value by remaking old double doors into one large door.

    While you may feel excited about the project, it’s best to consult with specialists first.

    Garage door conversions require some construction work and installation service for a proper setup.

    Here at GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors, we are a team of professional technicians who can assist with garage door conversions.

    We are available in town for all residents and business owners.

    Our team is here to help you with all your ideas, designs, and customizations for a new door in the garage entry.

    Let your new single door guard your garage entrance well.

    What happens during the conversion?

    There are so many things that happen during the conversion of the garage entry.

    More than choosing a new door design for the single door, most garages require demolishing work to complete the process.

    It’s one of the first steps to taking out the old double doors in the entrance.

    First step: Removing the old door

    The first step is to remove the garage entrance’s old doors.

    With this job alone, you need a skillful team to take apart the entire mechanism.

    Professionals should take out all parts of the old system to make room for the new door model.

    Second step: Removing the pillars

    The second step is to take the dividing pillar in the middle of the entrance.

    Since there are two doors side by side, a concrete pillar and frame will separate the two doors.

    This step may require demolishing work from respective builders in your area.

    Third step: Installing the new doors

    Lastly, after creating a lot of blank space and room for the new door, the installation starts.

    You can choose a new door design for your single garage entry.

    Book GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors for the installation works of the new door.

    Why choose a single door for the garage entrance?

    There are benefits to having a single door inside the garage.

    Two doors can provide a convenient way of blocking off some accessible space to provide privacy.

    Here are some reasons you should convert two door garage to one:

    Open entrance for bigger space

    There is more freedom and space inside the garage for a single door.

    The single doors benefit you more if you want to make the garage into another function area for guests.

    Single doors allow for more layout and moving space for people.

    Fewer obstructions for vehicles

    One of the most common problems with double doors is experiencing mishaps for the vehicles.

    As the pillar is a concrete part of the home structure, bumping into the pillar often means damage.

    Look out for your side mirror or headlights when you park inside the garage.

    Single system inside the garage

    Double doors mean there are two of everything.

    Isn’t it costly to maintain the two-door mechanisms inside the garage?

    Having single doors means you only need to maintain one opener, tracks, and other parts.

    How much does the process cost?

    It’s best to set your budget for the conversion work.

    Double door conversions can set you back to as much as 3000 USD since you are buying a new single door.

    Regarding the necessary services, at least you have affordable installation work from GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors.

    Who can you call for assistance and efficient work?

    We are GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors, and we are here to help you with your home project.

    Our team has experience in these home renovations as part of our garage door services.

    We are glad to help you and provide assistance in taking out old doors and installing brand new models in place.

    We also provide garage door repairs for any damage to the mechanism.

    All you need to do is give our team a call.

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