Commercial Garage Door Repair

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    Commercial Garage Door Repair

    As more and more big companies are opening up, commercial garage doors are becoming more and more common.

    But why are they necessary?

    Commercial Garage Doors are important because it keeps their businesses safe and secure.

    With faulty garage doors, all kinds of problems arise.

    In the modern era where everything is so fast, anything that can slow you down can potentially harm your businesses.

    Garage doors are mostly used for warehouses, airplanes hangars, truck parking lots, and the sort so if you experience a problem with such, it can greatly affect your operation.

    Garage door repair can be such a hassle if you have no idea what to do.

    Fixing a commercial garage door is a big job. Most of the time, it cannot be done by yourself.

    What you can do is schedule a visit with your local repairman to have your garage door fixed.

    If you are located in Houston, you can contact GDR Houston Garage Doors.

    GDR Houston Garage Door can certainly be trusted with troubleshooting such as this.

    They have been in the installation and repair of garage doors industry for a whopping 12 years.

    With this much experience, you can certainly trust them with quality work and excellent results.

    They offer 24-hour repair services (same day repair) for both residential and commercial customers alike.

    If you are looking for a good emergency repair service company, then this one should be right for you.

    However, if you want to try and fix that garage door by yourself, then you can try doing the things below.


    Commercial garage doors are big garage doors.

    Attempting to fix it without the required proper tools might even cause accidents or injuries.

    If you are trying to fix a garage door, make sure you have at least knowledge in the proper use of tools required.

    For this activity, you will need to have the following:

    • Assorted Tools ( adjustable wrench, drill, hammer, winding bars, clamps, wrench set)
    • Gloves
    • Safety Glasses
    • Socket and Ratchet set

    Without any knowledge of the use of the aforementioned tools, do not attempt to do the repairs.

    This will do more harm than help.

    Also, depending on how big your garage door is, you might need a ladder or a mechanical ramp to reach higher places.

    Knowing the Problem

    After having prepared all you need, do your research. Learn about your problem.

    There are a lot of possible reasons as to why your commercial door is acting faulty.

    See below for the most common commercial garage doors problems encountered:

    • Broken Spring or Cable
    • The garage door is off track
    • Panels are damaged
    • The opener, remote, or control related concerns
    • Rubber Seal and weather stripping

    Learn and identify the problem. Doing so will allow you to know what exactly you should do next.

    Some of these problems are quite common and easy to fix. Such as off-track issues and rubber seal repair.

    Some can be quite tricky, though, if you have no basic knowledge on what you are supposed to do, do not attempt to do the repair.

    This will only worsen the problem.

    Fixing the Problem

    Once you have finished identifying the problem, it is now time to move to the next phase.

    If the problem was the tracks being either misaligned or loose, then check all the tracks on your garage door.

    Realign any misalign tracks and fix them tightly as to prevent loosening up.

    Loose tracks often happen due to the vibration encountered by the door during opening and closing the mechanism.

    There are lots of guides you can find online for your specific problem and concern.

    Cable and spring repair can be a bit rough so please do be careful.

    Once again, if you do not have any idea about how the mechanism is supposed to work or what exactly you need to do and why do it, consider same-day repair services offered by different companies near your location.

    If you really need to have that door open as you can’t get your car out otherwise, and any other related concern, ask for help lifting your garage door up.

    Depending on the door’s size and material build, it can be quite heavy but two to three strong people should do the work.

    Once you get that door opened, install a clamp to prevent it from closing on you or put something to support your door panels and stop it from closing.


    Overall, fixing a commercial garage door can be harder than fixing a residential garage door.

    It is perfectly normal to have trouble with it, even if you have previous experience fixing a normal garage door.

    Most people won’t be able to finish it on the same day, especially on their first try.

    If you really need it fixed as soon as possible, it is recommended to seek help.

    GDR Houston Garage doors will always be available to those who would seek their help.

    So do not hesitate to give them a call and schedule a visit.

    After scheduling a visit, all you have to do is relax and wait.

    Rest assured. A fast and reliable service is on your way.

    Commercial Garage Door Repair In Houston

    Garage Doors open and close on a daily basis year after year.

    The system that governs the operation of a garage door contains relatively complex mechanisms that have a lot of moving parts.

    Consistent friction between moving parts makes malfunctions or problems inevitable.

    However, this does not mean that there is nothing that a household can do to mitigate such instances.

    For hassle-free repair and maintenance services, Gdr Tech Houston Garage Doors is here to help; book an appointment now!

    We offer a wide array of services such as commercial garage door repair and garage door spring replacement, among others.

    If you are looking for a garage door repair in Houston, call us to book an appointment.

    However, we do understand that some people prefer to take matters into their own hands.

    For those wanting to conduct a commercial garage door repair by themselves, below is a list of basic maintenance and repairs.

    Basic Maintenance and Repairs

    Whether a garage door is used for residential or commercial purposes, it is advisable that owners follow an inspection and maintenance routine.

    A simple routine should look like this:

    Inspect The Rollers and Tracks

    Keep the rollers and tracks clean and free from debris whenever possible.

    Some moderate brushing and lubrication on the axles and rollers will go a long way in preventing malfunctions.

    The rollers’ bearings will wear out over time; make sure to replace the ones that have stopped operating smoothly.

    Keep The Hardware Tight and Secure

    Garage door tracks guide the rollers of an overhead garage door.

    These tracks are assembled by section and are attached to the garage using brackets.

    Ensure that these sections are secure and that bolts and screws are tight enough to hold everything in place.

    Examine Cables And Pulleys

    Garage doors that are spring-operated utilize cables and pulleys that are prone to damage and normal wear.

    It is imperative to replace damaged pulleys or frayed cables.

    This is a little more complicated and dangerous and is best left to professionals with the expertise.

    Test The Garage Door Balance

    The garage door should only need a couple of pounds of pressure to open and close smoothly.

    Worn out springs will lose their resiliency, which would cause the garage door opener to exert more effort to lift the garage door.

    When this happens, the motor inside the garage door opener will quickly wear out.

    As such, keep in mind to replace worn-out springs.

    Repairing or replacing garage door springs come with an inherent risk of injury, so call a professional to handle it.

    Test The Garage Door’s Auto-Reverse Feature

    Garage door openers are designed to reverse and lift the door automatically if an object or obstruction is detected by the sensors.

    If this feature stops working as intended, the garage door starts to become a safety hazard for people and their property.

    Contact a garage door technician immediately if the auto-reverse feature no longer works.

    Common Garage Door Problems

    Noisy Garage Door

    This problem is annoying for people who sleep or rest near or above the garage door.

    Fortunately, most problems associated with a garage door’s noise can be fixed through a combination of maintenance and repair.

    If the basic maintenance tips above fail to silence a noisy garage door, the hinges may need to be replaced.

    Worn out rollers may also produce noise when they no longer roll smoothly, replace these when needed.

    Frozen Garage Door

    During the cold winter season, moisture can cause the garage door to stop opening or closing altogether.

    Cold air and moisture will cause garage doors to freeze onto the floor.

    In some cases, it is just caused by a minor frozen connection between the door and the floor that easily breaks with mild hits.

    However, if the garage door completely fails to budge on the first attempt, it is likely caused by a more serious problem.

    The garage door opener may contain broken springs, stripped gears, or a burned-out motor, among others.

    Contacting a Reliable Garage Door Company

    If you are unsure or hesitant to conduct any of the maintenance and repair procedures listed above, you can always opt to call a garage door company.

    Whether you need a residential or a commercial garage door repair, Gdr Tech Houston Garage Doors will be able to cater to your needs.

    Contact us now for more information!

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