2 Car Garage With One Door

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    People looking for a new property should never overlook the usability of a new garage for long-term use.

    While there are garages that have double doors leading to a big space, other garages have a single door guarding the entry.

    More than the garage doors, space becomes a very critical point, especially if you consider staying in the property for a long time.

    All things take up space and area, and this is something you need to think about long term if you’re looking for a new place.

    If you own more than one vehicle and a lot of things at home, then garage space becomes a non-negotiable factor in your option.

    Eventually, you’ll need to invest in a bigger floor area anywhere in the property to contain some of your things or to house in additional vehicles in the future.

    You have the option to keep looking for a 2 car garage with one door or look for other options that will work for you.

    When you’re looking to add a brand new door to the garage, it’s best to contact professionals first.

    We are GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors, and we offer our services to you.

    As a new garage owner, if you’re looking to have a 2 car garage with one door, and decide to change or transform the doors, give us a call.

    We are here to help you set up bigger single doors to protect a bigger garage.

    If you’re still wondering why a single door is beneficial, here are some reasons you should choose a single door for a 2 car garage:

    Bigger space clearance for driving

    There’s a bigger space in the entry frame, especially if two cars are present.

    Having a single door only ensures more freedom for your driving.

    While other owners prefer a more organized and set approach to parking and driving, it’s always best to have other options around.

    When nothing is blocking the middle of the entry frame, you can maneuver the cars the way you want.

    There is a bigger driving clearance for your cars, and you don’t need to worry about scratching and destroying your side mirrors while backing out of the garage.

    Larger walkaround space

    The space freedom doesn’t only apply to the cars you park inside.

    A larger entry frame results in a bigger walkaround space.

    If you’re the type to set up get-togethers and hangouts in a clear garage space, a single door results in a clearer area.

    People can freely come and go inside the garage from the outside with more space for moving.

    Moreover, you don’t need to worry about additional space for one more garage door mechanism like a two-door garage.

    Fewer costs and expenses

    The most significant benefit is the cost and expenses you incur with one door only.

    Two doors mean two different model sets and installation services.

    If you are on a budget, it’s better to consider upsizing a one-door garage than considering two units of doors for purchase.

    Moreover, there may be structural changes you need to do first before setting up two garage doors.

    Overall, the costs will increase for more doors and services.

    Fewer maintenance routines and schedules

    When you have one door, it’s one maintenance routine.

    When you have two doors, consider separate tune-ups.

    Maintenance is key to a long-lasting mechanism.

    You can’t leave one door set fully functional while the other sports damages.

    You’ll still end up compromising the safety inside the garage if you don’t attend to the two doors separately.

    Set a date with our team for your single garage door tune-up!

    We are GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors, and we are professionals who specialize in garage door mechanisms.

    We attend to all types of doors, whether you have a 2 car garage with one door or an extra-large garage with multiple mechanisms.

    Any service can require more than one pair of hands and more manpower to be efficient and effective.

    Our team comprises many technicians who can work together, especially if you have a bigger mechanism.

    We are here to give our garage door services, such as our garage door repair.

    All you need to do is contact us.

    We are available for your needs and inquiries.

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    Garage doors don’t only differ by type and mechanism.

    The size of the doors serves as one of the determining factors for many buyers who want to install new doors for the garage.

    The most common sizes for garage doors are single doors and double doors.

    Depending on the design and usability of the doors, owners choose the door size and type that suits their garage.

    If you’re looking to cover your 2 car garage with one door, you’ll need to consider a wide single door for the garage.

    It will take a team of technicians to set up the doors in the garage entry as a 2 car garage is more extensive than single-car garages.

    Large garages often require larger door panels, meaning the door is heavier and may be more challenging to handle with fewer people around.

    Fortunately, a team of technicians in the area can help you with the installation process of the doors.

    GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors is a business that offers services for all garage owners in the location.

    Our team of professionals can help you start with your move to a larger door that guards your 2 car garage.

    You don’t need to worry as a team of experienced experts knows how to handle doors of any size.

    We are available for you at any time.

    Benefits of a single door for larger garages

    There are many benefits to installing a single door.

    You may think that a double door works best for a 2 car garage.

    However, single doors may give you the leeway you need inside a very large garage.

    If you’re looking for some benefits of a single door, here are some of the advantages:

    Single installation work

    The first benefit is that you only need to book one installation for the single door.

    With double doors, it’s common to have two separate sets of parts as part of the installation process.

    Imagine setting up two-door panel sets, two tracks, or two opener devices.

    It takes more time to set up double doors, depending on how you enclose the garage entry.

    Single doors only need a single installation service from garage owners.

    More flexible garage entrance

    The next benefit of a 2 car garage with one door is flexibility.

    Sometimes, pillars separate double doors in the structure of the garage.

    The garage’s entry with a single door is more accessible, and if you have more than one vehicle, it’s better for your car.

    Sometimes, owners may bump or scratch the car from the edges of one side of the door or the structure pillars between the frame.

    Moreover, it’s easier to park the vehicles in different ways; in comparison, double doors may require drivers with only one direct way to park rides.

    Fewer maintenance and routine work

    One door set means less maintenance work.

    If you have double doors, you’ll need to check the parts of two doors, especially if there are separate devices for each door.

    Single doors work within a single system, so you have fewer working parts.

    The bulk of the work falls on handling larger door panels, longer springs, and tracks that are farther apart.

    You may need to cover larger areas to maintain but fewer devices to check than double-door garages with more working parts.

    Less potential costs and expenses

    With single doors, you have fewer costs and expenses to consider in the long run.

    One part set and one maintenance routine schedule mean fewer potential expenses for regular checks.

    Imagine if you have separate schedules to check the doors and the parts; it will cost you more in totality.

    Moreover, more moving parts can also result in more potential damages in the future.

    Save from future expenses by having a 2 car garage with one door.

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    We are GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors, and we are here to provide our garage door services for you.

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    No size, brand, or model can hinder us from providing only the highest quality services.

    Expect your door parts to last for a long time after the installation, as we always ensure that the foundation setup of the doors is durable.

    We also offer our garage door repair services at any time.

    All you need to do is contact us for more questions and concerns.

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