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    The frame that supports and contains the garage door in your property is part of the structure of your home.

    It’s also prone to damage and issues, and the door can get damaged from fragile door frames that lack the proper structural integrity.

    Before installing a door inside the garage, check the door frame first to ensure no cracks, faults, or weak parts in the material.

    Remember, while the door panels guard the entry, the door frame supports other parts of the system like the tracks, trim, and seals.

    If you plan to add a brand new door inside the garage, it’s best to contact professional technicians to do that.

    Getting a new door involves a lot of technicalities for your home property as well.

    There are many questions you need to consider.

    What are the measurements and dimensions of the frame?

    Will the door style I want fit the garage entrance properly?

    How can I prepare the door frame to add new door panels?

    If you want to ensure that nothing goes wrong with setting up new doors, give us a call.

    We are GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors, and we are available in town for all your questions and inquiries.

    Different materials for door frame

    You can consider different materials for your 16 foot garage door framing.

    One way to fit door panels out of size for the garage entry is by adding a frame.

    The frame usually goes with the design of the door panels, so they look cohesive in the garage entrance.

    Here are some of the materials for the garage frame:

    Wooden frame

    Wooden frames are a popular choice as framing additions to the garage entry.

    Not only are wooden frames beautiful and have a lot of elegance, but wooden frames are also strong.

    If you are going to attach other items to the frame, wooden frames don’t succumb to long-run damage fast.

    With proper treatment and painting, you can keep renewing the design of the frame of the garage entrance.

    Vinyl frame

    Vinyl frames are very durable and flexible.

    If you want to have a frame that hides a lot of minor damage well, vinyl frames are available.

    The color persistence of vinyl hides the minimal scratches on the surface.

    You don’t need to worry about repainting every time some surface scratches on the frame.

    Fiberglass frame

    Fiberglass frames are low-maintenance frames that are also durable.

    Fiberglass has so many applications in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

    The durability and flexibility of fiberglass are out of the question.

    Another benefit of a fiberglass frame is its versatility, where you can paint over the material to match the design.

    Aluminum frame

    It’s possible to incorporate metal material into garage frames.

    Aluminum resists corrosion, unlike other metal components.

    You can also make your garage more energy efficient by using aluminum for your 16 foot garage door framing.

    Keep the warmth inside your garage by installing low heat transfer materials to cover the entrance gaps.

    How to consider the size of the garage door towards the frame

    When you’re going to choose a brand new door for the garage, you need to follow the size of the door.

    As such, you need to measure the garage entrance dimensions first to know if there are differences with the door.

    When there are small gaps or a significant space, that’s when you need to consider adding a frame material to the door jamb.

    While you can’t change the size of the door (unless it’s custom-made), you can adjust the garage entry by adding material to contain the door.

    For example, the garage door measures 16 feet by 7 feet; the entry should have the same measure to avoid considerable gaps.

    If the door jamb is way bigger than the door size, contact contractors to add a frame to the jamb.

    Give our team a call to install frames for your garage entry

    We are GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors, and we offer our garage door services in the area.

    Our team has a lot of experience and expertise in garage doors.

    This includes adding frames to ensure that the doors we install can protect the entry altogether.

    We also offer our garage door repair and installation for all garage owners in town.

    Give us a call for concerns and inquiries.

    We are available at any time.

    The garage space is essentially a part of the home structure.

    More than being a space that contains your vehicles and other things, maintaining the garage structure is necessary.

    The entirety of the garage contains and protects the garage door and its respective parts.

    Any damage to the garage door frame, walls, and ceiling can damage the parts of the mechanism as well.

    Before installing new door models or new parts inside the garage, assess the garage’s capacity first.

    Sometimes, it’s necessary to reframe or change some structures to get the door design and type that you want.

    If the garage needs a 16 foot garage door framing, it’s best to get professionals to restructure the frame that will contain the garage.

    We are GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors, and we are here to offer our work.

    Our team has experience handling more than just various types of damages and installation works for any garage.

    We also have experience in planning and assessing the best garage frames that are crucial and beneficial for the garage.

    If you’re looking to expand or change the opening of the garage, we are here to offer our work to you.

    First, let’s assess the various types of frame material you can install as your 16 foot garage door framing.

    Different materials for the frame

    There are various materials you can consider for the garage frame entrance.

    If you’re looking to upgrade and change, consider these frame materials.


    The first type of frame material is wood.

    Wood is one of the most popular materials for building and construction.

    It makes sense that many owners want to incorporate or elevate property design by using wooden accents.

    One of the ways to highlight the garage is by having wooden frames that bolden the entrance.

    With wood, you have a solid and composed garage entrance protected from various weather elements.


    Aluminum works best for properties that are more prone to corrosion.

    Properties by the beach are prone to various weather elements, especially the presence of more concentrated seawater.

    If you live by the beach or want to lessen the occurrence of corrosion, high-quality aluminum is the solution for you.

    Aluminum is also elegant and matches with a lot of home designs.

    Incorporate some flexible and durable material into your property by using aluminum frames.


    Vinyl is more popular as a flexible and durable frame material for any structure.

    If you want to start with a blank canvas and paint your way through designing the garage entrance, vinyl frames are for you.

    Vinyl is a treated and high-grade plastic material.

    Vinyl exists as a solid material, and you can also order vinyl as transparent material.

    Now, you can choose any color and apply coating layers to design vinyl frames.

    Stainless steel

    Steel is one of the most robust materials for construction.

    Applications of stainless steel don’t only stop at common household appliances.

    You can add and strengthen the garage entrance by adding steel frames to guard the edges of the garage door jamb.

    Stainless steel frames are affordable and add insulation factors to keep the garage warmer.

    Steel material is also flexible because you can design and manufacture steel to mimic wood frame design.


    Fiberglass is a low-maintenance garage frame material.

    There are so many applications of fiberglass material to household items and appliances.

    Different grades and types of fiberglass change the strength and durability of the material.

    Ensure to choose the right type of fiberglass for framing applications.

    You may also paint fiberglass material to change the garage entry’s design.

    Set an appointment with us for your work!

    Many services don’t only offer garage door services but offer framing work as well.

    Here at GDR Tech Houston Garage Doors, we are a team of professionals who can help you design and set up the frames that guard the garage entry.

    If you’re looking for solutions to better fit the door slab against the jambs, it’s best to install new door frames.

    All you need to do is contact us to discuss planning and installing your new 16 foot garage door framing.

    Moreover, we also offer garage door repairs if your doors have damages that can impact their position in the garage entrance.

    Keep a safe and secured garage by consulting with our team.

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