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    Daniel Sharpe

    Called in the afternoon, they came out the next day. No Biggie! I needed a new opener. He was ready with one on the truck. Much more quiet! Friendly, awesome, knowledgeable, quick and clean! Will use this company in the future!

    Sarah Ackerman

    Garage door collapsed, large and heavy emergency. Called and they came within 5 minutes to help! Took care of our emergency situation and plan to come back right after the holiday to help solve the problem. Would DEFINITELY recommend ! Bonus: didn’t charge me emergency fees and a ton of money. Nice guys!

    Tony Deaton

    Had no appt, called out of the blue, owner showed up within the hour from across the county to squeeze me in. When he didn’t have the right part to fix my ancient garage door, he called on another tech who got there even faster. Garage door/sensors work like new!

    Here at GDR Tech Houston, we don’t settle for second best. We operate to the highest of standards at everything we do.

    Anything related to garage doors, we know about. All our servicemen have years of experience and are fully up to speed with the latest equipment.

    Weather-stripping, garage door openers maintenance, fit capping and door replacement are just some examples of the work we do. If it’s related to a garage door, we’ve done it. We’re so confident in our parts that all of them come with a comprehensive warranty.


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    A rattling garage door can be an easy fix. If yours is misaligned, get in touch.

    Strange Noises?

    Excessive creaking can be annoying. Our team can fix it.

    Bent out of shape?

    Bending can be a sign of wear and tear. Give your garage door some TLC.

    Overhead door not moving?

    Often the door's sensor eye is blocked which prevents it moving.

    Garage door panels and broken or damaged?

    Damaged panels can be dangerous. Don’t worry, we can repair them easily.

    Garage door not opening or closing properly?

    We know peace of mind in your home is essential. To re-secure your home, don’t wait and call us now.


    Expert Repair Technicians

    Houston’s finest in garage door repairs!


    Garage door repair and maintenance is our craft. Our technicians have spent years in the industry and there is no repair that is beyond our expertise.


    A broken cable? An opener? Something else? Fear not, we know your time is important, whatever the problem is we guarantee a fast turnaround.


    We don’t just give a guarantee on our parts, we guarantee our service will surpass your every expectation. Call us today to find out why.

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    The Service You Deserve

    Our priority as a company is to give our customers the service they deserve. We know it is essential to have a professional that you can trust at your home.

    Our engineers can also help with any aesthetical changes to your garage door and advise on what best suits your property’s current looks. Commercial or residential!

    Our Houston repair and maintenance  team are ready to take your call.

    Full Garage Door Repair Service

    Garage door repair and maintenance should never be ignored or overlooked. The safety of your family and home could be at risk if typical wear and tear conditions are ignored. We know these signs and can advise accordingly to restore your peace of mind.

    Keeping up-to-date on essential upkeep can help prevent any expensive repair bills in the future. Call us today and we can give some free and friendly advice in prolonging all your garage door needs.

    Same Day Service

    Garage Door Repair in Houston

    GDR Tech Houston is a known service provider in Texas’ largest city, and we strive to improve our performance to serve people on time and efficiently.

    Garage door repair in Houston is a big deal; that’s why we try to respond to our clients any time of the day, 24/7.

    For those that require immediate assistance, we also offer priority scheduling.

    Give us a quick call and we’ll get in touch with you soon.

    Having a broken garage door is very frustrating, and we know this because we have dealt with many customers with various concerns.

    If you think you need a garage door replacement, this article might be of help.

    Here are some common types of garage door repairs that you should know.

    Broken Spring

    A garage door installation should be meant to last for ten to twenty years.

    On some occasions where the materials in use are top-rated, it can even last for more than thirty years.

    However, this doesn’t mean that every component would last for the same time as well.

    For instance, those responsible for opening and closing a garage door are very prone to damage.

    From repeated use, a spring can be broken as it could experience wear and tear.

    Having a broken spring is a widespread reason to get garage door repair in Houston, so there’s no reason to panic.

    In case this happens to you, make sure to call a professional right away, as further damage to a broken spring could mean more expenses.

    Panel Replacement

    A garage door repair in Houston involves panel replacement, mostly because it is very susceptible to damage, especially if there are clumsy and playful children around.

    Panels may also be broken or completely damaged because of an accident, so there’s no telling of when you will need one.

    Luckily, you don’t have to redo everything entirely.

    You can replace only the part of a panel that has been affected.

    While you can use the DIY method to replace a panel, it is still highly recommended that you look for professionals around Houston to care for the damage.

    GDR Tech Houston is capable enough to help you with that.

    Safety Sensor Problem

    Modern garage doors are equipped with many devices, and as time passes by, they also increase in complexity.

    One tool or device that has been deemed essential for modern garage doors is a safety sensor.

    It is a small object equipped in a place where it could easily view or detect anyone who will use the garage.

    In some cases, safety sensors are misaligned, making them unusable and sometimes dangerous as well.

    However, they are most likely to get stuck, even if there’s no object or person in front of it.

    A safety sensor problem only means that it needs replacement, or it needs to be reprogramming.

    While aligning them may sound easy, it is much safer to call for a professional’s help to ensure that there are no accidents to happen in the future.

    Broken Track

    Garage door tracks are highly responsible for the opening and closing of a garage door.

    In most cases, track malfunctions are only minor issues, and they wouldn’t be meant to be replaced right away.

    However, since it also means that the garage door system will be opened, going full DIY on this one is almost impossible as it requires specific tools to safely open the garage door system.

    To know what’s the next course of action to take for a malfunctioning garage door track, ask your local garage door professional, and they will conclude shortly.

    It’s essential to listen to their advice as they weigh the situations very carefully.

    These professionals go for a path where it would cost you only a little amount to get the track working back again.

    Weather Seal Issues

    Hurricanes and snow aren’t a frequent occurrence in Houston, Texas, but when they do occur, your garage door requires all the protection it should get to stay healthy and functioning.

    Weather seals are part of garage door professionals’ course of action to weatherproof a garage door to ensure that it functions properly.

    However, it does require maintenance now and then, especially after a violent winter or snowstorm.

    Weather seals are responsible for keeping your whole garage warm and comfortable even if winter is starting to be harsh.

    Faulty Cables

    Garage door cable problems are pretty easy to spot as most garage doors will refuse to operate if it does happen.

    Cables are just like springs; they are both the backbone of a garage door operation, and having any of them unavailable will render a garage door useless.

    Cables are wires that make strands and are responsible for physically opening and closing a garage door.

    Even modern ones that are remotely controlled are still using this mechanism, so it does apply to everyone.

    Wear and tear is the most common cause of this.

    Repairing it all by yourself is almost impossible as it could bring accidents at some point.

    Looking for garage door repair in Houston? Look no further for GDR Tech Houston is here to help you!

    We are more than willing to deal with your garage door repair concerns for you.

    Contact us for whatever concerns you have.

    Don’t hesitate; call us now.